The Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in China, which began in the Western Han Dynasty more than 2000 years ago. According to legend, the Han Emperor to celebrate the victory of an important battle. On this evening of every year, he will be out of the palace to play, have fun with the citizens.

Chinese people have many celebrations, different places have different customs. But the essential thing is to eat dumplings and watch the Lantern show. Some local people will go out to celebrate, lantern riddles, fireworks, acrobatics and other held.


This is dumpling which called “Yuan Xiao” or “Tang Yuan”. People in the north of China call it “Tang Yuan”. People in the south of China call it “Yuan Xiao”.  “Tang Yuan” is a dessert made of glutinous rice and stuffing. The traditional stuffing is black sesame, which tastes very delicious and fragrant. However southerners like to make “Yuan Xiao” with meat as fillings.

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We’ll have lamps like this. People usually bring their old people and their children together to watch it at night. The lights are various in shape, some of the traditional Chinese things, like dragons, carp, lotus, boats…

Went to supermarket

Last Friday, the teachers of ELT organized us to take a bus to the supermarket which is five kilometers away from campus. We had six people, Christin(teacher), Mingqi, Linda, Han, Jiwen and me. The main purpose of this trip is to teach us how to take the bus in Millersville University. We leaved at nine twenty in the morning. She gave each of us a bus schedule before we started off. We waited about five minutes, the bus arrived. Soon we arrived at our destination after fifteen minutes.

Firstly, Christin gave us a questionnaire which is about the stores, like how many brand of Swiss cheese is in this supermarket, what is the strangest commodity you feel, what is the difference between this supermarket and Chinese supermarket… We searched every items in the stores. I found the two most strangest things are pork skins and hair skin nails cmplx. Actually, we never seem pork skins as a snack. Besides, I have never seen this medicine in China. Christin explain that it can help people’s skin, hair and nails look better.



When I finished my questionnaire, it was 11:30 a.m. already, because there were too many questions. I found a rice cooker when I explored the supermarket. I really want to buy one because I miss Chinese rice so much. But the salesclerk told me that they just have only one rice cooker, they are unable to sell it to me. In addition, a old woman who is in front of me bought lot of things. So I had to wait her for a long time to check out. In the end, I missed the bus and involved Christin. I felt so sorry for her. 


My experience of orientation week

The first day which is after I arrived Millersville University, we went to Walmart and bought some groceries. Each of the girls who went with me spent about 200 dollars to buy lots of things. But I only spent 10 dollars.  The second day, we went to the Global Education House together for meeting every international students. I met many Germans, but we did not talk a lot. In the next few days, I have had quite many classes about safety, introduction of school, how to study… It made me so sleepy, because it was a little boring and American are not used to have a nap. But Chinese people are used to nap. I had to go back to classroom as soon as I finished eating lunch. It is a little difficult to me. Finally, I finished the interesting and lengthy orientation week after these classes.

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