My first semester in Millersville

I came the United States in August. It is my first trip to America, which is supposed to be two years. I have stayed here for four months. In my opinion, the significant things which I have learnt are three during these three months. The first thing is how to communicate with other people. I did not speak English at all in China. Thus there is a serious problem- I could not talk. Especially, Asian accent is my biggest problem. Some American people are confused about my accent, so that they are not able to get my point. I usually felt awkward at that moment. Fortunately, I tool many ESL classes at first semester. It is pretty useful. There is a obvious ascend of my listening, I can understand most of what American people says, besides some difficult vocabulary. Slow pace of peaking  is also helpful for making other people understand me easily.

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The second thing is independence. When I was in China, my school reminded me about every thing which is about my studying or living. However American people are used to checking it by themselves in Email. Actually we seldom use it. Therefore I often get confused due to loss many information. Little by little I started getting used to doing everything by myself. Because I realized that these are my own assignments, if I do not care about it, nobody cannot help.

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In addition, the final thing is  making many friends. The United Stated is a immigration country. Mixed culture is its feature. Hence most people are comprehensive and friendly. I am able to recognize various countries people, such as American, Japanese, Korean, German… Furthermore, I recognized my best American friend- my roommate. His name is Jacob, he is curious about Chinese cultures and history. We both love playing basketball and video games. Then we have pretty much fun.

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