Will artificial intelligence take the place of human beings

Last week I watched a movie called “I, Robot”. This movie tells a story about what happened in 2035. Robots have completely replaced human work. Gradually, the robots begin to have consciousness, in addition, they want to destroy the world of human dominance…

Nowadays, artificial intelligence has been made great achievements and taken over many human jobs. As machines get smarter, they can help us more with thinking and make our life more relieve. Some predicts that our brains will regress as artificial intelligence can plan and organize for us. As far as I’m concerned, though the machine is more and more smart, the human brain will not become lazy.
Firstly, machines can never replace the interaction between people. Machines can never have people’s social activities, resilience, and the outpouring of emotions. It is unlikely for intelligent machines to develop human-like social competence which consumes lots of brain work. Secondly, artificial intelligence is developed by human beings, and it also needs human maintenance. So the relationship between the two is interdependent , artificial intelligence needs us to maintain, and we also need to improve skills to keep pace with the development of artificial intelligence. What’s more, machines can never express true feelings. We all know that human emotions are far more complex than machines. Even though artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced, human feelings are something that they will never understand.

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All in all, I want to express that the human brain will never become lazy because of the development of artificial intelligence, for with the development of artificial intelligence, people’s brain will develop either.