My favorite moive

Today, I will introduce a movie can be considered as a textbook in movie history, which is called Leon: The Professional. In this movie they describes a fringe figure called Leon whose job is career killer. Although the topic selection of this film is very unpopular, it represents the life of few people. However, the theme of its reflection is more than impressive, reflecting the human nature’s desire for happiness and true love.

At the beginning of the film, Leon is a ruthless, impassive killer who can quietly complete his boss’s task. He has a very simple emotional life, a regular rhythm of life and relatively narrow world. Because of one door open, he saves the heroine’s life, and his own life begins to change from then on, giving him new world. But the love affair has Already doomed from the beginning to the end, was even deadly place in Leon. But what is touching is that, at the end of the film, Leon strides towards the light, gets rid of the darkness, defends love with his own life, and completes his own life salvation and the baptism of life.

In addition, there are many touching details in this movie. Perhaps a basin called the evergreen plant is also the main character in the movie. Leon is always patient and attentive to the plant, which reflected his yearning for and pursuit of beautiful things. I figure that it also differs him from the other killing machines. He is an extremely need of love, just because of the need for work, he has been hiding their feelings, until the emergence of Matilda, only to find his true self, flesh and blood of his own. This is also make role of Lyon is more glamorous, under his cruel appearance hides a beautiful heart. In addition, I also learn that evergreen meant Leon in French. The last part of the film, Mathilda Leon decides in accordance with the words to life, she puts evergreen in a park air plant which not only represents the continuity of their love ties, but also delegates the eternal memory and company of Leon.

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Last but not least, I want to say that Love can make you a real person, a person with real feelings true to life. Leon once told Matilda at the end of his life, “ You have given me taste for life. I wanna be happy. Sleep in bed, have roots.” It is true that because of the existence of love, we have concerns, and love also makes us more complete.