A unfulfilled expectations travel

There are so many place I always want to go. But the most exciting travel after I went to this country was last Halloween, I went to the Universal Studios with my friends. When I was in China I like movies which shot by Universal Studios, such as “Transformers”, “Mummy” and “Jurassic Park”. So I always want to go to one of a Universal Studios in American.

The Universal Studios which we went to is in Los Angeles, it’s kind of a fairground but also have restaurant and souvenir store. The first place after us across the front door is a long street, there are many restaurant in this street. Across the restaurant street is a big square and there is a big Universal Studios Logo sculpture. Just behind the sculpture is a ticket entrance. And after you throw the ticket entrance you have enter the real Universal Studios fairground. Because that day is Halloween so there are many staff of the fairground play the evil spirits, interact with tourists.

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This fairground is constitute by many different venue, and those venue have its own theme like Transformers venue, mummy venue. And these venue has its own souvenir store nearby. Actually every venue has a little roller coaster in it, and when you get in those roller coaster the staff of the fairground will give you a 3d glass and when you are riding the roller coaster there are many projector near by the pathway, and they will play some classic fragment of Universal Studios movie, actually the feeling is exciting and also amazing.

We play a lot in the fairground but my favorite venue is “Harry Potter” venue. This venue is the only venue which not have roller coaster in it, but they build the whole magic street in the movie. Also I found a perfect store in the magic street: the magic wand store, this store in the fairground is definitely same as the wand store in Harry Potter movie, and you can buy any kind of wand which are those character use in movie.

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I also like the Transformers venue in the fairground because the fragment which they play in that venue is a new story never show in the Transformers movie, this story is very amazing. And the souvenir store is good. But those souvenir are a little bit expensive.

Next all of those venue are also a place have many restaurant, there is a Chinese restaurant the food of that restaurant are so good those dishes make me feel I am still in China, and the most delicious food in this restaurant is the roast duck.

However everything has its own positive and negative, every place is same. There are so many people in the fairground but the tourist management is so bad. People are blocking everywhere in the fairground, especially behind restroom and some very popular movie’s venue. Because of this I miss the mummy venue and this is the reason why I say this travel is an unfulfilled expectations travel.


Totally say this Universal Studios fairground is good and it’s a good place to have some good time. Nice roller coaster, nice souvenir you can buy and delicious food, but the tourist management, if choose a workday go there with less tourist it’s still a very good place.