A group of people in my hometown

Who do you think is a lovely person in your mind? It is an idiom in my country, we call people who work hard a lovely person. Today, I want to introduce a group of lovely people in my hometown.

First, I want to tell you the history about my hometown. In the early spring of 1964, more than 7700 oil workers came to a coastal town in the southeast of Tianjin and started oil exploration. After nearly a year of effort, there was nothing has been found, when people begin to feel disappointed and prepare to withdraw. Finally in December 20, 1964, a port called “The fifth Gang” suddenly erupted out of oil. After that, more and more high-yield oil flows have been found. Thus Dagang oil field was set up here. In 1978, the oil production reached 1946 million tons, making it the second largest oilfield in China. My hometown only used 17 years to become the second largest oilfield in China.

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Who created this achievement? There are a group of people who are not afraid of difficulties and hard work. In 1964, the government had officially approved to organize the north China oil exploration conquest. People came from all over the country to make their own contribution to the oil extraction. My grandparents all came here at that time and started their own family, then lived here until now. You cannot imagine how much hard time they spent there. My grandfather told me that they needed to overcome many technical problems and a lot of manual labor. My parents also work on the Dagang oilfield. My father told me that you needed to be vigilant not only when you were working but also when you were free. Sometimes my father was woken up by the telephone at midnight, which means something serious had happened. Once an oil well broke down, therefore they had to get up at 2 am. in order to rescue it. My father is always on the front line, after rescuing it, their clothes were full of oil and soil. Most of them need to work outdoor, the outdoor work environment is difficult. No matter how hot in summer, no matter how cold in winter, they still need to work hard in their posts. They dedicated their lives to the construction of my hometown.


Because of this group of people, my hometown can develop so quickly. I am proud that my family is part of this group. As a result of their hard struggle, we can own a happy life now. I will never forget this group of people, they are the lovely people in my mind. We owe this beautiful city to the most lovely people.