Home-stayed Village

We had visited home-stayed village for one month to meet some smart and humorous elders.


When we just arrived there, they prepare some breakfast for us. It was intimate. Besides, I saw the surroundings and decoration are pretty delicate and cozy. Afterward I met my partners.


They have been married for more than four decades. The husband names Bob. He has two doctor degrees and works in a church. I cannot believe how smart he is. In addition, he is quite humorous. I asked him how his week was going. He answered me that he was not in any trouble, so he was good. The madam was a preschool teacher. She told me she chose this job due to she loves children. Their experience which is the most interesting is going to Japan to propagandize Christianity for 3 years. They learned to speak Japanese at here. Japanese food and Chinese are their favorite food types. I am absolutely of their opinion. They know a number of Asian cultures, thus we have many topics to walk. Bob is a man of deep learning. He is curious about Chinese history and politics. Actually, I am also interested in these aspects. Therefore we discussed lots of these. It was a nice conversation. In my opinion, talking with American people about some topics which I like is a useful way to practice my speaking. Hence I am able to share my views and tell something interesting to other people. All of us will feel relaxed and mirthful.


In the next weeks, we gave two presentations which are about Chinese New Year and our favorite traditional festival. I was glad to share our cultures to them. In addition, they listened very carefully and questioned some questions. The atmosphere at that time was very harmonious and happy.

IMG_20171117_112530 IMG_20171117_105119

Finally, we finished the visit which lasted three weeks regretfully. The elders who live in the home-stayed village are a little different from what I imagined. In China, the reason for the elders to go to home-stayed village is because their children are reluctant to raise them. Furthermore their life is a bit boring, and there’s nothing to do every day. But in here, everything are different, most of them still work or do something meaningful. For example, my partners told me they often hold some activities to raise money for someone who does not live so well. I feel respectful about they can continue to do what they like and bring some benefits to society. I think we built a good friendship between us. I am willing to visit them again after I come back China and buy some gifts for them.