My first semester in Millersville

I came the United States in August. It is my first trip to America, which is supposed to be two years. I have stayed here for four months. In my opinion, the significant things which I have learnt are three during these three months. The first thing is how to communicate with other people. I did not speak English at all in China. Thus there is a serious problem- I could not talk. Especially, Asian accent is my biggest problem. Some American people are confused about my accent, so that they are not able to get my point. I usually felt awkward at that moment. Fortunately, I tool many ESL classes at first semester. It is pretty useful. There is a obvious ascend of my listening, I can understand most of what American people says, besides some difficult vocabulary. Slow pace of peaking  is also helpful for making other people understand me easily.

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The second thing is independence. When I was in China, my school reminded me about every thing which is about my studying or living. However American people are used to checking it by themselves in Email. Actually we seldom use it. Therefore I often get confused due to loss many information. Little by little I started getting used to doing everything by myself. Because I realized that these are my own assignments, if I do not care about it, nobody cannot help.

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In addition, the final thing is  making many friends. The United Stated is a immigration country. Mixed culture is its feature. Hence most people are comprehensive and friendly. I am able to recognize various countries people, such as American, Japanese, Korean, German… Furthermore, I recognized my best American friend- my roommate. His name is Jacob, he is curious about Chinese cultures and history. We both love playing basketball and video games. Then we have pretty much fun.

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How to achieve success in a job interview

When students graduate from school, getting a job is the most important life goal. Thus a interview is the start of everything. Nowadays, in an ever tighter job market, great importance has been attached to an interview by both the employer and the applicant.


The interview has become indispensable for getting a satisfactory job. On one hand, the employer can learn interviews’ work experience, education and their personalities, so they can pick out the right candidates for the company. On the other hand, the interviewee can grab at the opportunity to find a job most suit him. In conclusion, an interview is crucial for a person to find a satisfying job. Accordingly, how to achieve success in a job interview?
For my part, the key to success has three aspects: attitude, appearance and your proper behavior.

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First of all, the interviewee has to pay attention to his or her appearance. Though we can never Judge a person by his appearance, but first impression is always where we start. In truth, a good appearance can be impressive and an added bonus for an interview. As a job seeker, we should choose the right clothes which can show your rigorous attitude towards work.
Secondly, to a great extent, success depends on your attitude. We are bound to learn more about the company you interviewed,
such as what program they had, what kind of people they need and what goals they want to achieve. Companies need people who can help them succeed. Furthermore, we can use our own experience to face different kinds of demands. Dignified attitude, well prepared may help you more easily go to success.
Last but not least, good manners are also essential. In order to pick us out in a minute among the other interviewers, we need to be more confident, honest and behave well. And try to show more advantages to the interviewee , but don’t neglect to be humble.
To sum up, the job interview is indeed important. There is no need to be nervous, however, if the interviewee has made full preparations for it and given a fairly confident and honest performance, his or her success can be ensured.

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Will artificial intelligence take the place of human beings

Last week I watched a movie called “I, Robot”. This movie tells a story about what happened in 2035. Robots have completely replaced human work. Gradually, the robots begin to have consciousness, in addition, they want to destroy the world of human dominance…

Nowadays, artificial intelligence has been made great achievements and taken over many human jobs. As machines get smarter, they can help us more with thinking and make our life more relieve. Some predicts that our brains will regress as artificial intelligence can plan and organize for us. As far as I’m concerned, though the machine is more and more smart, the human brain will not become lazy.
Firstly, machines can never replace the interaction between people. Machines can never have people’s social activities, resilience, and the outpouring of emotions. It is unlikely for intelligent machines to develop human-like social competence which consumes lots of brain work. Secondly, artificial intelligence is developed by human beings, and it also needs human maintenance. So the relationship between the two is interdependent , artificial intelligence needs us to maintain, and we also need to improve skills to keep pace with the development of artificial intelligence. What’s more, machines can never express true feelings. We all know that human emotions are far more complex than machines. Even though artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced, human feelings are something that they will never understand.

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All in all, I want to express that the human brain will never become lazy because of the development of artificial intelligence, for with the development of artificial intelligence, people’s brain will develop either.

My favorite moive

Today, I will introduce a movie can be considered as a textbook in movie history, which is called Leon: The Professional. In this movie they describes a fringe figure called Leon whose job is career killer. Although the topic selection of this film is very unpopular, it represents the life of few people. However, the theme of its reflection is more than impressive, reflecting the human nature’s desire for happiness and true love.

At the beginning of the film, Leon is a ruthless, impassive killer who can quietly complete his boss’s task. He has a very simple emotional life, a regular rhythm of life and relatively narrow world. Because of one door open, he saves the heroine’s life, and his own life begins to change from then on, giving him new world. But the love affair has Already doomed from the beginning to the end, was even deadly place in Leon. But what is touching is that, at the end of the film, Leon strides towards the light, gets rid of the darkness, defends love with his own life, and completes his own life salvation and the baptism of life.

In addition, there are many touching details in this movie. Perhaps a basin called the evergreen plant is also the main character in the movie. Leon is always patient and attentive to the plant, which reflected his yearning for and pursuit of beautiful things. I figure that it also differs him from the other killing machines. He is an extremely need of love, just because of the need for work, he has been hiding their feelings, until the emergence of Matilda, only to find his true self, flesh and blood of his own. This is also make role of Lyon is more glamorous, under his cruel appearance hides a beautiful heart. In addition, I also learn that evergreen meant Leon in French. The last part of the film, Mathilda Leon decides in accordance with the words to life, she puts evergreen in a park air plant which not only represents the continuity of their love ties, but also delegates the eternal memory and company of Leon.

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Last but not least, I want to say that Love can make you a real person, a person with real feelings true to life. Leon once told Matilda at the end of his life, “ You have given me taste for life. I wanna be happy. Sleep in bed, have roots.” It is true that because of the existence of love, we have concerns, and love also makes us more complete.

A unfulfilled expectations travel

There are so many place I always want to go. But the most exciting travel after I went to this country was last Halloween, I went to the Universal Studios with my friends. When I was in China I like movies which shot by Universal Studios, such as “Transformers”, “Mummy” and “Jurassic Park”. So I always want to go to one of a Universal Studios in American.

The Universal Studios which we went to is in Los Angeles, it’s kind of a fairground but also have restaurant and souvenir store. The first place after us across the front door is a long street, there are many restaurant in this street. Across the restaurant street is a big square and there is a big Universal Studios Logo sculpture. Just behind the sculpture is a ticket entrance. And after you throw the ticket entrance you have enter the real Universal Studios fairground. Because that day is Halloween so there are many staff of the fairground play the evil spirits, interact with tourists.

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This fairground is constitute by many different venue, and those venue have its own theme like Transformers venue, mummy venue. And these venue has its own souvenir store nearby. Actually every venue has a little roller coaster in it, and when you get in those roller coaster the staff of the fairground will give you a 3d glass and when you are riding the roller coaster there are many projector near by the pathway, and they will play some classic fragment of Universal Studios movie, actually the feeling is exciting and also amazing.

We play a lot in the fairground but my favorite venue is “Harry Potter” venue. This venue is the only venue which not have roller coaster in it, but they build the whole magic street in the movie. Also I found a perfect store in the magic street: the magic wand store, this store in the fairground is definitely same as the wand store in Harry Potter movie, and you can buy any kind of wand which are those character use in movie.

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I also like the Transformers venue in the fairground because the fragment which they play in that venue is a new story never show in the Transformers movie, this story is very amazing. And the souvenir store is good. But those souvenir are a little bit expensive.

Next all of those venue are also a place have many restaurant, there is a Chinese restaurant the food of that restaurant are so good those dishes make me feel I am still in China, and the most delicious food in this restaurant is the roast duck.

However everything has its own positive and negative, every place is same. There are so many people in the fairground but the tourist management is so bad. People are blocking everywhere in the fairground, especially behind restroom and some very popular movie’s venue. Because of this I miss the mummy venue and this is the reason why I say this travel is an unfulfilled expectations travel.


Totally say this Universal Studios fairground is good and it’s a good place to have some good time. Nice roller coaster, nice souvenir you can buy and delicious food, but the tourist management, if choose a workday go there with less tourist it’s still a very good place.

A group of people in my hometown

Who do you think is a lovely person in your mind? It is an idiom in my country, we call people who work hard a lovely person. Today, I want to introduce a group of lovely people in my hometown.

First, I want to tell you the history about my hometown. In the early spring of 1964, more than 7700 oil workers came to a coastal town in the southeast of Tianjin and started oil exploration. After nearly a year of effort, there was nothing has been found, when people begin to feel disappointed and prepare to withdraw. Finally in December 20, 1964, a port called “The fifth Gang” suddenly erupted out of oil. After that, more and more high-yield oil flows have been found. Thus Dagang oil field was set up here. In 1978, the oil production reached 1946 million tons, making it the second largest oilfield in China. My hometown only used 17 years to become the second largest oilfield in China.

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Who created this achievement? There are a group of people who are not afraid of difficulties and hard work. In 1964, the government had officially approved to organize the north China oil exploration conquest. People came from all over the country to make their own contribution to the oil extraction. My grandparents all came here at that time and started their own family, then lived here until now. You cannot imagine how much hard time they spent there. My grandfather told me that they needed to overcome many technical problems and a lot of manual labor. My parents also work on the Dagang oilfield. My father told me that you needed to be vigilant not only when you were working but also when you were free. Sometimes my father was woken up by the telephone at midnight, which means something serious had happened. Once an oil well broke down, therefore they had to get up at 2 am. in order to rescue it. My father is always on the front line, after rescuing it, their clothes were full of oil and soil. Most of them need to work outdoor, the outdoor work environment is difficult. No matter how hot in summer, no matter how cold in winter, they still need to work hard in their posts. They dedicated their lives to the construction of my hometown.


Because of this group of people, my hometown can develop so quickly. I am proud that my family is part of this group. As a result of their hard struggle, we can own a happy life now. I will never forget this group of people, they are the lovely people in my mind. We owe this beautiful city to the most lovely people.



Home-stayed Village

We had visited home-stayed village for one month to meet some smart and humorous elders.


When we just arrived there, they prepare some breakfast for us. It was intimate. Besides, I saw the surroundings and decoration are pretty delicate and cozy. Afterward I met my partners.


They have been married for more than four decades. The husband names Bob. He has two doctor degrees and works in a church. I cannot believe how smart he is. In addition, he is quite humorous. I asked him how his week was going. He answered me that he was not in any trouble, so he was good. The madam was a preschool teacher. She told me she chose this job due to she loves children. Their experience which is the most interesting is going to Japan to propagandize Christianity for 3 years. They learned to speak Japanese at here. Japanese food and Chinese are their favorite food types. I am absolutely of their opinion. They know a number of Asian cultures, thus we have many topics to walk. Bob is a man of deep learning. He is curious about Chinese history and politics. Actually, I am also interested in these aspects. Therefore we discussed lots of these. It was a nice conversation. In my opinion, talking with American people about some topics which I like is a useful way to practice my speaking. Hence I am able to share my views and tell something interesting to other people. All of us will feel relaxed and mirthful.


In the next weeks, we gave two presentations which are about Chinese New Year and our favorite traditional festival. I was glad to share our cultures to them. In addition, they listened very carefully and questioned some questions. The atmosphere at that time was very harmonious and happy.

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Finally, we finished the visit which lasted three weeks regretfully. The elders who live in the home-stayed village are a little different from what I imagined. In China, the reason for the elders to go to home-stayed village is because their children are reluctant to raise them. Furthermore their life is a bit boring, and there’s nothing to do every day. But in here, everything are different, most of them still work or do something meaningful. For example, my partners told me they often hold some activities to raise money for someone who does not live so well. I feel respectful about they can continue to do what they like and bring some benefits to society. I think we built a good friendship between us. I am willing to visit them again after I come back China and buy some gifts for them.