A Farm Trip

Last week, we went to a traditional American farm. We saw lots of interesting things which we have not seen in China.IMG_6920

That was a pretty beautiful day. My home city also has the same wonderful weather in autumn. First, we watched a short film about traditional American farm culture. It told us how people lived in the past. And then we started the farm trip.IMG_6914 IMG_6916 IMG_6917

I saw lots of antique guns. They were deeply attracted to my attention. As you know, every boys love guns, cars and something cool. I am thirty to have a gun to shot, but it is illegal in China.


And then we moved to another studio where they make shoes. I saw a old man who wear traditional American clothes. He looks very handsome. It is hard-won to see some people who are willing to wear traditional clothes. In China, you cannot see someone who wear traditional Chinese cloths basically. I remember that one of my female classmates worn Chinese traditional clothes at an adult ceremony. But our teacher said she is so weird and did not allow her wear it any more. I think the really weird person is our teacher. Most of Chinese people wear suits as official clothes. This situation makes me so sad.

These handmade leather shoes are very delicate. I picked up one shoe, it was really heavy. I think they are already used to wearing these shoes. My grandmother also can make cloth shoes by herself. My father always wore the shoes which made by my grandmother until he started working. He still think these are the most comfortable shoes in the world. I really appreciate these people who can retain their traditional culture.

IMG_6926 IMG_6923 IMG_6924 IMG_6925

Afterwards, we entered a house where people do hand-knitting. A madam was knitting these beautiful works carefully with a pin. She told us these amazing works are used to decorate a Christmas tree or skirt. And she answered me she just need 20 minutes to complete one. It was incredible. I feel these fabrics are as beautiful as Chinese paper-cut.


In the end. We visited a room which was full of small objects made of iron. There were pot, toy car, whistle, bike model and lots of small and delicate things. Look at Han, he worn a iron hat. It was pretty funny. I love it. They ware all made by a madam. She said all these things were made by her own imagination. Sometimes, when she had a good idea, she would do it immediately. She is so creative. I think the people who I met in this farm are the most beatific people in the world. Because they can do what they love. And they save their traditional cultures. It is very difficult. I can still see these delicate things because of them.