Farm Trip

Where we went on last Friday is the Cherry Hill Orchards, which is a big farm. The first thing which we were going to do that Christin let us had our own pumpkin to curve. However we three guys did not desire to have one, because pumpkins were too big and heavy. Besides, curving a pumpkin is a little boring for us. In contract, Mingqi and Linda were quite curious about it. They picked two very big pumpkins. I do not think that they are able to move it to their rooms and have patience to curve.、

IMG_6406Pumpkin field

lmI7kcj8Q9L2qiLT7TGS8r44bkMiTwo really big


These falling apples made me was puzzled. I wonder know why farmers did not pick them up. Is not it thriftless?

After we finished the farm trip, we went to the agricultural store. There were huge range of choosing. Like kinds of pies, cakes, juice, vegetables, flowers… They are all made of fresh vegetables or fruits which have just been removed from the fields.

Christin told me that this plant is gourd. It made me crazy. I thought that it looks like a kind of skin disease. I wanted to punch it.


Finally, Christin bought one bottle of apple cinder for us. We enjoyed it. I thought that American apple cinder is not as acid as Chinese apple cinder. It was very delicious. Thank Christin for her apple cinder and the wonderful journey which she brought to us.