The Writing Center’s Friendly Fued

Hey all you Writing Center Blog enthusiasts, we’re coming back at you with yet another installment. Today we will be diving deep into the history of the Carson vs. Lauryn battle for MPT, Most Prolific Tutor. This semester started with a challenge for the ages, one of a magnitude yet unseen and yet repeated, between the Chiefs of the Carson and Lauryn factions, Carson and Lauryn respectively. Tensions were high during the first tutor meeting, with straws being drawn and glares being fired, luckily, the group remained cordial, and the moment passed without conflict, at least none that could be seen. But let me tell you, as someone who was in that room, at that table, the competitive hostility was as sharp as their two minds. What started out as a friendly bet, had turned into an event, that when concluded, deserves the erection of commemorative statues.

Based on current numbers, such a statue has Lauryn planting her flag into the leatherbound spine of literary stardom while Carson desperately clings to the fraying bookmark ribbon limply hanging off the edge of the highest shelf. The leaderboard shows Lauryn with a whopping twenty-two total tutor sessions. How she was able to pull off such a feat is unknown, her critics call foul play, but her followers, who will remain unnamed for fear of collateral damage, insist upon her tutoring prowess. On the short side of the ribbon is Carson, slipping slowly but surely out of the picture, balancing upon his meager ten sessions, grasping for a second semester surge to supersede Lauryn in her quest to become the first MPT. At this point in time, the winds of change of gone still, and Carson’s futile hope for a last second push is what storm chasers would call blowing out a candle during a tornado. And this tornado, in the form of Lauryn, is not one to be trifled with.