Concluding Thoughts

Future pursuits of this project could include a study on how music affects the brain by studying subjects to determine what types of reactions different people get from different types of music. This could also illustrate how different music appeals to separate people. Also, this project could possibly promote a debate on the reason earworms exist. I was very intrigued to find that there is no clear reason as to why earworms occur in the brain.  Perhaps a study could be done to try and discover the cause of that.

In conclusion, this project should be a guide to the various reasons why people enjoy listening to music.  It’s important to understand our feelings towards music, especially as musicians.  The facts in this project provide insight into to a very complicated and vague question: why do people like music?


I’d like to thank Professor Kimberly Grotewold and Dr. Marilyn Parrish, plus all of the music faculty at Millersville University for giving me the opportunity to be a Music Research Fellow this semester. It was an honor and privilege. Thank you all.