Try, Try Until You Succeed!

It all started at Overbrook High School for my senior year. I always have had an athletic ability, but it really wasn’t my main focus. On the team I wasn’t the best player but I had a shot and great defense. I didn’t take the time to really understand the fundamentals of the sport until I realized how much potential I had. My first game was the most challenging because I could not dribble. I SUCKED! I really didn’t like to get put in the game because my team wouldn’t pass me the ball. I would get frustrated but hey, I don’t blame them, I wasn’t a good ball handler like the others. However, I did have strong ambition which drove me to understand my talent. Discovering this gift I have has really motivated me to put in the work everyday for me to get better. Up to this day, I still practice my game. I have improved in all areas of the game of basketball. Dribbling, shooting, and just an overall understanding of the sport.


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