Plan For Fall Semester

As fall semester is approaching, I am a little anxious because I do not know what to expect. My stomach gets a little queasy when I even think about all the new faces I will come across. As far as classes are concerned, I know that I will have some challenges. I plan for many articles to read throughout the semester, and I will go about them in the same way that I have.

When I approach a new piece of reading, I will make sure I make my own copy.  I will mark my paper up with the strategies I’ve learned throughout all my years of reading. To be specific, I will continue to underline all the important ideas out the text. While doing this, I will summarize all the pieces I’ve underlined in the margins and this will help me compose an essay. I have been accustomed to these techniques every time I come across a text to the point where it has became a habit.

Evolved Notetaking

In Dr. Garcia’s and Dr. Corkery’s class, I make sure to print out the articles that are assigned to me first. After they are printed out, I make sure I have the correct writing utensils– preferably a pencil. With this pencil, I underline all the important ideas, box all the unknown words, and simply summarize what I read paragraph by paragraph. My strengths as a learner has significantly increased and my understanding of different texts has improved.

Try, Try Until You Succeed!

It all started at Overbrook High School for my senior year. I always have had an athletic ability, but it really wasn’t my main focus. On the team I wasn’t the best player but I had a shot and great defense. I didn’t take the time to really understand the fundamentals of the sport until I realized how much potential I had. My first game was the most challenging because I could not dribble. I SUCKED! I really didn’t like to get put in the game because my team wouldn’t pass me the ball. I would get frustrated but hey, I don’t blame them, I wasn’t a good ball handler like the others. However, I did have strong ambition which drove me to understand my talent. Discovering this gift I have has really motivated me to put in the work everyday for me to get better. Up to this day, I still practice my game. I have improved in all areas of the game of basketball. Dribbling, shooting, and just an overall understanding of the sport.