Website Redesign Advisory Committee Members

Below is the recommended committee member structure representative of each division.  The committee’s role is to attend regular meetings to be made aware of the decisions and processes that are currently underway with the redesign process and provide counsel when needed.  The committee members are expected to represent their divisions, areas, or populations and provide counsel as to the wishes of their counterparts in their respective areas. It is not the committee member’s role to poll and communicate with their constituents, as this will be handled by the Website Redesign Implementation Group. It is anticipated that the RFP Review Committee’s role will last the duration of the project (anticipated 12-18 months) and the committee is expected to meet on no more than a monthly basis.

All members of the review committee will be given an opportunity

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

  1. Vincent Reedy, Director of Web and Creative Services (Project Writing and Creative Lead)
  2. Kelly Herr, Web Specialist (Visual, Technical and Content Support)
  3. Kate Hartman, Assistant Director of Communications (Content/Writer)
  4. Jessica Transue, Marketing and Communications (Project Coordinator)
  5. Peter Emerick, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions
  6. Katy Ferrier, Director, Undergraduate Admissions
  7. Tom Richardson, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  8. Chad Baker, Director, Graduate Admissions and Recruitment
  9. Janet Kacskos, Director of Communications

Academic Affairs

  1. College of Education and Human Services representative: Dr. Shawn Gallagher, Associate Professor, Psychology
  2. College of Science and Technology representative: Dr. Teresa Hartmann, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  3. College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences representative: Mr. James Pannafino, Associate Professor, Art and Design
  4. College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning representative: Dr. Victor DeSantis, Dean, College of Graduate and Professional Students & Associate Provost for Civic and Community Engagement
  5. Non-college faculty member representative: Greg Szczyrbak, Assistant Professor
  6. Jeff Adams, Associate Provost for Academic Administration
  7. Eric Horst, Director, Weather Info Center


  1. Greg Freedland, Director of Development Communications & Stewardship

Finance & Administration

  1. Mike Dulay, Director of Web Technical Services (Project Technical Lead)
  2. Kim Broskie, Web Programmer (Technical Support)
  3. Melanie DeSantis, Executive Director, Human Resources

Student Representatives

  1. Mr. Kiefer Luckenbill, Sophomore, Communications/Computer Science
  2. Ms. Morgan Fattore, Sophomore, Early Childhood Education
  3. Ms. Josephin Vincent, Graduate Student, Technology and Innovation
  4. Ms. Allison Remis, Senior, Multidisciplinary Studies-Digital Journalism, Editor of the Snapper

 Core Team – The following staff members are integral members of the implementation process and by default serve on the advisory committee.

  1. Vincent Reedy, Director of Web and Creative Services, Marketing and Communications (Project Writing and Creative Lead)
  2. Jessica Transue, Marketing and Communications (Project Coordinator)
  3. Mike Dulay, Director of Web Tech Services, Information Technology (Project Technical Lead)
  4. Kelly Herr, Web Specialist, Marketing and Communications (Visual, Technical and Content Support)
  5. Kate Hartman, Assistant Director of Communications, Marketing and Communications (Content/Writer)
  6. Kim Broskie, Web Specialist, Information Technology (Technical Support)

For questions or comments, please contact Jessica Transue ( or 717-871-7990).

Information current as of 8/15/2017