Trainings available for both new and experienced CMS users

Whether you are an experienced Cascade user or have just recently gained access, trainings are available and encouraged.

I forgot what I forgot meme with Dory from Finding NemoGet a refresher

For many of our content managers, webpage edits occur sporadically, sometimes leaving them with months between logins. Although we consider the system to be user-friendly, it can be hard to retain skills when you don’t use them for several months. We are happy to offer “refresher” trainings to help regain your skills in Cascade.

Get started the right way

If you are a first-time user, we highly recommend scheduling a training as we share many insights and suggestions that can’t be found by reading help guides.

Cascade CMS dashboardTopics covered in our trainings include:

  • How to create a new page
  • Overviews of all available page components
  • Submitting and publishing
  • Adding contact information
  • Uploading documents and images
  • Ordering page navigation
  • Accessibility recommendations
  • Tips for preventing broken links

Requesting a training

Currently we are primarily scheduling virtual trainings with one to two people at a time. To request a training, please fill out our Cascade Training Request form and we will contact you with a date and time.

The content of this blog entry was accurate at the time of publication. You can find the most current information about all Cascade-related topics in our Cascade wiki documentation.