Getting started with Cascade: Resources for Users

In a previous post we discussed the process for requesting a Cascade CMS account.

As noted, gaining access to Cascade is fairly simple. But what comes next? The Millersville web team has several options available to help you get started.


Training is available for any faculty, staff, or student worker.

Pre-COVID-19, training sessions were held in groups in an on-campus lab, allowing many users to work hands-on at the same time. In our current situation, we’ve found a more individualized model to work best, with small trainings offered as-needed through Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

During training, we walk through the process of creating a new page in Cascade, in addition to offering image-editing, accessibility, and security tips. Many users have benefited from training, using the skills covered to customize their own site.

Self-Help Documentation

In addition to our training offerings, we have created and compiled a large collection of help articles in our Cascade Wiki. Help articles cover many topics, from creating and editing content, to arranging pages in your navigation, publishing and more.

The documentation contains screenshots to help demonstrate the processes being described. Additionally, many pages contain animated gifs, and guided video tutorials are gradually being added.

Contact Us

To schedule a training or ask questions regarding Cascade, please contact the Help Desk and we’ll be happy to assist you!

The content of this blog entry was accurate at the time of publication. You can find the most current information about all Cascade-related topics in our Cascade wiki documentation.