Week 4 update!

Logins, PeopleFinder and SiteIndex

The website team appreciates your continued feedback. In response to your suggestions and concerns, note that three website areas most used by internal audiences—Logins, People Finder, and Site Index—have now been added to the top of the Faculty/Staff page for your convenience. The Faculty/Staff page is accessed through the top navigation under “Links For.” This way you can bookmark the Faculty/Staff page for ready access to those buttons and won’t have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.


If you’re not sure how to bookmark a web page, it varies depending on the user and preferred device or browser. See this Wikihow instructional page for how-to information on bookmarking a page.


If you wish to be trained on the new version of Cascade, trainings have been scheduled throughout this month. Please check availability or register here.

Program Finder and Program Pages

The improved Program Finder provides an opportunity for prospective students and families to filter programs by type and interests. Please review the finder to ensure programs are populated correctly and also review the pages created for your programs. All pages have been created using a similar template to make it easier for the user to compare programs. If you have a new photo suggestion or content edits, please share your feedback using the form mentioned below.


Lastly, if you would like to suggest a modification to your program pages or other areas of the website or to report any issue or observation, use this feedback form for the fastest resolution.