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Case Study: North Museum of Nature and Science

Welcome to another installment of our case study series, where we dive into the collaborations between Millersville University Conference Services and esteemed organizations. Today, our spotlight shines on the North Museum of Nature and Science, a venerable institution in the heart of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Since its inception in 1953, the North Museum has been a symbol of scientific exploration and cultural enrichment. By captivating audiences of all ages with its diverse array of exhibits and hands-on activities. From encountering the T-Rex to voyaging through the cosmos in the SciDome Theater, the North Museum offers a dynamic blend of education and excitement, earning its rightful place as Lancaster’s premier museum.

Interview with Daniel Daneker, Science Fair Coordinator at the North Museum of Nature and Science

Tell us about your organization and the events that you have held at Millersville University.

The science fair has been part of the Lancaster County STEM landscape for over 70 years. In 2009, the North Museum began coordinating the science fair. The North Museum Science and Engineering Fair (NMSEF) is one of six International Science and Engineering Fairs (ISEF) in the state of Pennsylvania. The event at MU is the culmination of work and research by local middle school and high school students. At NMSEF, students display their research and are interviewed by judges from STEM industry experts and college and university representatives. Each year, the two top champions from NMSEF are provided with an all-expense paid trip to the International Science Fair (ISEF) competing with over 1500 of the brightest students on the planet.

Visit the North Museum

Uploaded by North Museum on 2021-01-16.

What have been some of your goals with sponsoring the various events?

The North Museum strives to provide a free and equitable STEM experience for the students in our community. With the generous support of the STEM community (both financially and with volunteers), NMSEF is a culmination of that goal.

What have been the successes that you have realized through your campus events?

NMSEF has bounced back from the pandemic slump. Our collaboration with MU has been part of that success. While we continue to have growth in the number of NMSEF participants, MU’s facilities are a good match for our current needs for space, facilities, technology, and food service. Another positive we have developed over the years is the excellent working relationship with the event staff as well as the College of Science and Technology at Millersville University. The dean has worked very hard to develop a series of STEM tours for the students as they participate in NMSEF. These relationships are the key to the event’s success at the venue.

What can you share regarding the event logistics that have helped make your events successful?

MU provided a perfect venue for the size of NMSEF. We not only required floor space for tables so the students could display their research and be interviewed by the judges, but also award ceremony space with a stage, media technology, and seating for 1000 people. Couple the larger space with the need for judges to deliberate in a smaller room as well as the pizza party for the students (just before the awards ceremony), and it is easy to see why Millersville University “checked the boxes” we needed for the venue of NMSEF.

Why do you decide to come back to Millersville University for your events?

In any venture, there will be problems. There is no escaping this fact. The way you deal with those problems is essential to moving forward. The way MU’s staff responded to these issues is why many advocated coming back to the venue for NSMEF. These tables were originally set up in the wrong space – okay, let’s move them and get it right. We need a second mic set up – not a problem, we can make this work. Approaching problems with a “we can do this attitude” is a very positive working relationship and it is much appreciated.

What general advice do you have for other groups that are planning events for their organization?

As with any relationship, communication is key. Early and often, keep the lines of communication open. Set clear and definable parameters and expectations to limit the surprises. When the surprises do come (and they will), remember you are on the same team and you have to work together to solve the issue at hand.

In summary, the partnership between Millersville University Conference Services and the North Museum of Nature and Science exemplifies the power of collaboration in fostering educational excellence and community engagement. Through the North Museum Science and Engineering Fair (NMSEF), students are provided with a platform to showcase their research and ignite their passion for STEM fields. With Millersville University’s unwavering support and facilities, NMSEF continues to thrive, serving as a testament to the success that can be achieved through a shared vision and mutual respect. As we look ahead, we are excited to further nurture this relationship, enriching the lives of countless learners and shaping the future of scientific inquiry together.

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*Photos and videos courtesy of The North Museum of Nature and Science

Case Study: Empowering Confidence, Girls on the Run at Millersville University

Girls on the Run (GOTR) is an inspiring program encouraging unity, confidence, and healthy behavior in young girls in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, Pennsylvania. The mission of GOTR Lancaster is to help girls of all abilities gain confidence and life skills. They also offer engaging, research-based programs that empower participants to see the possibilities, embrace their inner strength, increase their physical activity, as well as fearlessly stand up for others and themselves. GOTR leads life-changing lessons that combine physical exercise with vital life skills, such as friendship-building and empathy-expressing.

Every season ends with a celebration of accomplishments and positive effects on the community. The annual Millersville University 5K celebration is the high point of this organization’s fall season. With the encouragement and assistance of MU’s sports teams, clubs, and sororities, athletes in grades 3 through 8 learn the excitement of crossing the finish line. This event is not only an occasion to test the strength but also community and teamwork.

Interview with Jennifer West, Girls on the Run Executive Director, and Jes Wilson, 5K Manager

Tell us about your organization and the events that you have held at Millersville University.

Girls on the Run is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit that inspires individuals of all abilities to discover, build, and grow their self-confidence. Together, they experience a sense of belonging and connection as a team. Over 500 volunteer coaches each year facilitate lessons that blend physical activity with life skill development, including managing emotions, fostering friendships, and expressing empathy. At the end of the season, the team completes a Community Impact Project and a 5K together, which provides a tangible sense of accomplishment and sets a confident mindset into motion. GOTR holds a celebratory 5K every fall at Millersville University where many athletic teams, clubs, and sororities take part in cheering the girls on throughout the course and manage all our parking that day!

Girls on the Run starting line

What have been some of your goals with sponsoring the various events? 

The main goal is to create a safe and successful event so that our participants who are in grades 3 – 8 have the opportunity to cross the finish line feeling supported, encouraged, and realize that the finish line is just the beginning! Another goal is having a supportive community partner as we have found in Millersville University.

Happy participants

What have been the successes that you have realized through your campus events? 

We have found the successes for many of our participants extend way beyond finishing a 5K for the first time. We heard from a parent who ran with his daughter at Millersville University that she always told him she didn’t want to go to college but after running the 5K at Millersville University and seeing all of the athletic teams and clubs there supporting everyone, she now wants to go to college and she wants to go to Millersville University!  Another huge success is sharing the big picture of community with all of our participants and family.  They can see what the community looks like firsthand with the way that GOTR and Millersville University work together for the event.

Participant running in action

What can you share regarding the event logistics that have helped make your events successful?

Millersville is very accommodating in everything that we need for the day. We hold several meetings before the event with a committee made up of GOTR staff, Millersville University staff, and the Millersville University Police to work through the logistics of the event to ensure a safe and successful event. Communication, planning, and the engagement of the university overall make this event a huge success! Between participants and spectators, there are about 3,000 who come to the campus for our event.

Race day morning at Pucillo Field

Why do you decide to come back to Millersville University for your events? 

The support we receive starts with the President of Millersville University, to the athletic director, all the way down to the students and concession stand staff. The way the students come out to support our event takes it to the next level and our GOTR participants and families really enjoy the extra level of support and encouragement.  Each fall after the 5K, we hear from so many families that their girls loved seeing all of the college students there to cheer them on.  They feel supported and encouraged to do their best and to keep going when it feels hard.


What general advice do you have for other groups that are planning events for their organization?

Don’t hesitate! Reach out to them today! Millersville University has created such an amazing all-around community that is very willing to work with organizations to provide a safe and successful event.  We are already planning and can’t wait for our next 5K there this fall!

In essence, the partnership between Girls on the Run and Millersville University exemplifies the transformative impact of collaboration and support. Through shared goals, meticulous planning, and unwavering encouragement, GOTR continues to empower girls and cultivate a community of confidence and camaraderie. As the next 5K event approaches, the anticipation is palpable, fueled by the promise of another memorable gathering at Millersville University.

To learn more about Girls on the Run and their inspiring initiatives, visit their website and follow them on social media:

*Photos courtesy of Girls on the Run

Case Study: MidAtlantic Fiber Association (MAFA) at Millersville University

MidAtlantic Fiber Association (MAFA) is a vibrant all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to fostering creativity and community within the fiber arts. With over 55 local fiber arts guilds spanning from Connecticut to North Carolina, as well as over 200 individual associate members, MAFA serves as a hub for enthusiasts and artisans alike. Their signature event, a biennial four-day fiber arts conference, has found its home at Millersville University since 2015, offering a diverse array of hands-on workshops, exhibits, and activities that celebrate the rich tapestry of fiber arts.

Interviewee: Margaret Briggs, MAFA Conference Committee

Tell us about your organization and the events that you have held at Millersville University.

MidAtlantic Fiber Association (MAFA) is an all-volunteer non-profit fiber arts organization. Our members are 55 local fiber arts guilds located from Connecticut to North Carolina, as well as over 200 individual associate members. MAFA’s signature event is a biennial four-day fiber arts conference, which we have held at Millersville University since 2015, only missing 2021 for the pandemic. Recent conferences have had over 500 attendees, and we usually offer over three dozen two-and-a-half-day hands-on fiber arts workshops – think weaving on looms, making yarn on spinning wheels, dyeing yarn, and fiber, felting, basket making, and sewing – as well as events and activities like a keynote session, open studio tour, vendor hall, and exhibits.

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What have been some of your goals with sponsoring the various events?

Our conferences provide an opportunity for fellowship among our attendees, as well as a chance to take workshops with nationally and regionally known instructors. We also host exhibits of attendees’ fiber art, special exhibits, book signings, a tour of all our workshops, and a vendor hall with all sorts of fiber, yarn, equipment, tools, and other goodies.

Retrieved from @mafafiber Instagram, from @frittelli_lockwood

What have been the successes that you have realized through your campus events?

We have had several very successful events at Millersville University, based on favorable reviews from students and instructors, and a positive financial outcome for our organization. The location is ideal geographically since we have members traveling from primarily the East Coast, but also New England, the Midwest, and Canada. The size of the campus is just right for our group, and a college campus is a more cost-effective solution for us compared to other conference centers. Since our attendee demographic skews mostly an age range of 55+, the accessibility of campus buildings is also a plus.

Mafa 2023 Retrieved from @mafafiber Instagram, from @nancyeverham

What can you share regarding the event logistics that have helped make your events successful?

On our end, communication is key, as well as having a detailed plan and a dedicated committee of volunteers to do the work. We have run our conferences since 1981, so we have a lot of history on what our attendees have come to expect, yet we try to innovate a bit each time too.

Retrieved from @mafafiber Instagram, from @frittelli_lockwood

Why do you decide to come back to Millersville University for your events?

For us, returning to Millersville University means coming back to a location and facilities that are familiar to our conference committee as well as our attendees. Knowing the layout of the residence halls, dining hall, Student Memorial Center, and academic buildings makes it much easier for us to plan our workshops and events, and to communicate instructions to our attendees.


MAFA 2019 Trailer

What general advice do you have for other groups that are planning events for their organization?

Some advice we’d give is to use an online project management platform such as Basecamp, Slack, or Teams to manage event planning and coordination. Be sure all public-facing positions have an organization email address, so that correspondence isn’t lost if personnel changes. We find that shared documents (e.g. Google Drive) cut down on confusion and missed updates. Since our planners are spread all over the East Coast, video conference meetings have helped us be able to better put names with faces when we all arrive on-site (not the case when we used to do everything by conference call), and to share screen to all look at things together.

In summary, the partnership between MAFA and Millersville University exemplifies the synergy of collaboration and passion for the fiber arts. Through meticulous planning, innovative programming, and a commitment to excellence, MAFA continues to inspire creativity and foster connections within the fiber arts community. As we look forward to our next conference, we remain grateful for the support and partnership of Millersville University in providing a nurturing environment for our attendees to explore, learn, and create.

If you’re interested to find out some more about MAFA check them out on:

*Images and videos courtesy of MAFA

Case Study: Lancaster County Wood Carvers

In the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the Lancaster County Wood Carvers (LCWC) organization stands as a beacon for woodcarving enthusiasts across the Mid-Atlantic region. With a history of nearly five decades, LCWC has been dedicated to teaching and promoting the art of woodcarving within its community and beyond. One of the hallmark events of the organization is the annual “Wonders in Wood” woodcarving show and competition, held at the Ville Courts on the campus of Millersville University. In this case study, we will be diving into the partnership between LCWC and Millersville University, exploring the organization’s goals, successes, and logistical insights from hosting their marquee event at the university.


Bob Hershey, Show Chairman, Lancaster County Woodcarvers

Tell us about your organization and the events that you have held at Millersville University.

We are the Lancaster County Wood Carvers (LCWC), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our purpose is to teach and promote woodcarving within our club, community and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The highlight of our year is Wonders in Wood, a woodcarving show and competition held annually at the Ville Courts on the campus of Millersville University. Next year will be our 50th annual show. We typically have 60 to 70 exhibitors and 1,100 to 1,200 visitors.

What have been some of your goals with sponsoring the various events?

Our goal with the show and all our events is to share our love for woodcarving, advance the skill of all carvers, and introduce woodcarving to more people. Wonders in Wood is an excellent opportunity to share ideas with other carvers and to showcase our work within the community.

What have been the successes that you have realized through your campus events?

The LCWC has had a long history of holding our annual show at Millersville University. Our event has continued to grow steadily over the years. It is now the biggest woodcarving show in the entire northeastern United States and one of the largest in the country.

What can you share regarding the event logistics that have helped make your events successful?

Throughout the years LCWC have been holding our shows at Millersville, we have worked with many different staff members from the University. Everyone has been very helpful and eager to accommodate our needs. The University personnel set up and tear down our display tables and chairs. It is always a smooth operation.

Why do you decide to come back to Millersville University for your events?

The number one reason we continue to come back is the excellence of the Ville Courts. It is large enough to hold our event and all the people we need to accommodate. There is plenty of open space for our chairs and display tables. The lighting is very good, which is of utmost importance to us.

What general advice do you have for other groups planning events for their organization?

Groups should provide a detailed plan of how they want the area set up. They should provide plenty of seating for people. In our case, we have an older crowd, so extra seating is important. They should give you accurate information on any special needs, such as power or audio.

All in all, the partnership between Lancaster County Woodcarvers and Millersville University has flourished over the years, culminating in the success of the annual “Wonders in Wood” woodcarving show. Through shared goals, effective communication, and seamless logistics, LCWC has been able to showcase its love for woodcarving while fostering a sense of community among enthusiasts. The cooperation between LCWC and Millersville University is a tribute to their partnership in producing events that are memorable and meaningful, as LCWC looks forward to its 50th annual show. This three-day conference at Millersville takes cooperation from not only LCWC but also various departments on campus like Campus Recreation, Technical Operations, Millersville University Police Department, Housekeeping, and Dining & Catering Services. All of these departments work simultaneously for event success, highlighting the collective effort and dedication of the entire university community.

If you want to learn more about LCWC check out the following links for their Website and Facebook pages.

Three Legacies Wrestling is returning to Millersville University this February 23, 2024.

Get ready wrestling fans because Three Legacies Wrestling is coming back to the Millersville University campus, bringing romance and drama to Pucillo Gymnasium at Millersville University this February for a larger-than-life Valentine’s Day-themed event! On February 23, 2024, the wrestling showcase “Love Hurts” will deliver excitement with death-defying stunts and electric energy.

Setting the foundation for the upcoming “Love Hurts” presentation in February 2024, the debut Three Legacies Wrestling event at Millersville University’s Pucillo Gym this past January was a smash hit. An amazing evening of entertainment was fueled by electrifying acrobatics and hard-hitting intensity. Eight matches pushed storylines forward toward the next Three Legacies Main Event, including four thrilling tag team bouts planting early seeds of contenders for those soon-to-be title belts. The reigning Heavyweight Champion also successfully retained his belt in an exciting battle. In a surprise match-up, even our mascot Scully made his wrestling debut, with plans for a return at our next event.

Building off the hit success of their debut showcase last month that packed Pucillo’s seats, we hosted over 800 attendees. Three Legacies continues to choose Millersville University to host their Lancaster County events for good reason. Having live events at Pucillo Gymnasium and the Millersville campus as a whole helps your event avoid the frustrations that come with running larger, more complex facilities. Organizers can prevent communications from getting lost in a confusing network of departments. Pucillo Gym continues to attract spectators looking for an exciting live sporting experience. Pucillo’s large modern stadium feel is ideal for showcasing intense wrestling action or other live events. Pucillo offers an up-close-and-personal experience reminiscent of back-alley brawls but with the perks of pro-grade stages. Modern features like custom lighting, staging, and audiovisual integration, along with seating, provide event hosts with everything they need to create memorable, fan-favorite events.

While an event is taking place on campus, you can rely on Millersville University’s facilities and operations teams to manage the behind-the-scene event orchestration. From customizable room layouts to box office and concessions to security and cleaning, Millersville University’s event staff handles logistic details allowing Three Legacies to focus on the show.

If you’re seeking a campus venue equipped to meet production needs for major events in Lancaster County, PA like concerts, sports, and other entertainment experiences look no further than Millersville University. Our facilities are designed to amplify events professionally and give your guests an excellent experience.


Don’t miss “Love Hurts” this February 23, 2024, at 8 p.m. @ Pucillo Gym, tickets can be purchased at or at the door.

Check out Three Legacies on social:

– Instagram: @3Lwrestling

– Facebook: @3Lwrestling