Get to Know Andrew DeLanzo Millersville University’s Conference Services Intern

As I reflect on my time at Millersville University, I find myself filled with gratitude for the many opportunities this institution has given me. Among these opportunities, my internship with University Housing & Conference Services stands out as one of my favorites. Working alongside the team at Conference Services, led by Director Dr. Scott M. Helfrich and Assistant Director Michael Kurland, I learned so much about the industry, gained many insights into university operations, and sharpened my marketing skills.

Learning about Marketing, Blogging, and Social Media

I became well-versed in in many different aspects of marketing during my internship, including blogging and using social media to increase visibility, awareness of the department, and user interaction. I learned the ins and outs of successful blogging from SEO strategies to content creation. On top of that, I gained knowledge of the nuances involved in setting up and perfecting business profiles on X, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as the skills of account management. I gained knowledge about setting up company accounts on these platforms, tracking and analyzing metrics within the app, and utilizing these insights to produce more interesting content. The blog site also taught me how to evaluate Google Analytics data and track these numbers over an extended period of time. I then used this data to add to quarterly reports and make better-informed decisions on content. I also learned a great deal from the webinars attended with the American Marketing Association (AMA) membership I was provided. Such topics included AI, content creation, social media personal selling, and business management.

What I Learned About Myself

One of the coolest aspects of my internship was the self-discovery it facilitated. Unleashing my creative potential, I realized the depth of my creative capabilities. Through the many projects and tasks assigned to me, I found myself constantly thinking outside the box and devise innovative solutions. Whether it was conceptualizing engaging blog content or brainstorming marketing strategies, I embraced each opportunity as a chance to unleash my creative potential. I also discovered a new sense of determination when faced with a challenging task. For example was to create the social media channels for Conference Services. As this was from scratch, I found myself frustrated in the beginning seeing a lack of engagement and growth on these platforms. But I stayed determined. Now our Instagram has over 100 followers and we have made some nice connections. This internship truly taught me the importance of adaptability and perseverance in achieving my goals.

Favorite Blog Post

Among the many blog posts that I wrote here, it was actually not a specific post, but rather a series of posts that I wrote towards the end of my internship. The particular series that stands out as my favorite is the case study blog series. Through this initiative, I had the opportunity to connect with some of our current clients, including Girls on the Run Lancaster & Lebanon, Lancaster County Wood Carvers, The Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association, and The Natural Museum of Nature and Science. This was done to uncover insights into why these clients actually chose to return to Millersville University for their events and what makes MU great.

Most Memorable Project

In terms of my most memorable projects, developing consumer personas for the department has to stand out as the highlight. This creative assignment not only allowed me to flex my creative muscles but also provided the department with useful material related to the needs and preferences of our target audiences. The personas crafted during this project will serve as invaluable tools for informing future marketing strategies and decision-making processes.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, my aspirations remain rooted in marketing. Whether within an agency setting or within a corporate environment, I am committed to using my skills from pre and post this internship experience to drive impactful outcomes. My internship with University Housing & Conference Services has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to excel in the fields of sales, marketing, and communications.