‘Ville Bulletin October 31, 2018

’Ville Bulletin | October 31, 2018


Halloween Reminders

Dear Millersville University Students:

As we enter into the last week of October, many are preparing for Halloween celebrations on campus and within the Millersville/Lancaster community. Although these celebrations provide opportunities to socialize and positively impact those around us, Halloween is also a time when thoughtfulness and sensitivity can be forgotten, especially when selecting a costume.

It’s important to be mindful that making/buying/wearing a costume based on a culture different from your own has the potential to negatively impact the inclusive community we as an institution strive to maintain. Costumes that alienate or ridicule segments of our community based on race, nationality, religious beliefs or gender expression disrupt Millersville University’s sense of inclusivity and unity, and should be avoided. Examples include wearing feathered headdresses, turbans, “war paint” or other skin tone modifications.

While Millersville University is a campus that promotes both free expression and inclusivity, we hope that you would consider selecting a costume this Halloween season, not a culture. As a campus community, the action of one affects us all.

No matter how you choose to participate in Halloween festivities, we encourage everyone to be safe and thoughtful during your celebration.

Happy Halloween,

Brian Hazlett

Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management