Millersville alumna becomes second-ever woman selected to referee NBA playoffs

Ashley Moyer-Gleich officiates a game in 2020. PHOTO COURTESY OF KYLE TERADA / TERADA PHOTOS

Katelyn Auty
Head Copy Editor
Social Media Editor

Ashley Moyer-Gleich has become the second woman selected to officiate the National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs. She’s the first woman in over a decade to be selected, succeeding Violet Palmer, who was featured in nine games from 2006 to 2012. 

Moyer-Gleich graduated from Millersville University in 2010 and played basketball for the university during her time here. She was promoted to a full-time NBA official in November 2018. Since then, she has worked over 200 regular-season games and is one of the three first-time playoff official selections by the league this year. 

“Congratulations to these 36 officials on the well-earned and prestigious honor of being selected to officiate in the NBA Playoffs,” NBA President of League Operations Byron Spruell shared. “We appreciate the professionalism, dedication and teamwork that our officiating staff displays on a daily basis throughout the season.”

The league will trim the officiating roster each round, usually reaching a 12-person list for the finals. Those referees receive a white warm-up jacket, a tradition in the league. 

“Just like playoffs are coveted, the white jacket is even more super-coveted,” Moyer-Greich admitted. “Obviously that’s an aspiration and that’s a goal way far down the road… And whether I’m the first or not, I think just a female breaking through and getting that opportunity would be monumental.”