Mosses and Liverworts of Millersville

MaLoM! LaMoM?  MoMill?  BryoMill?

OK.  It needs a better name, but the project has started.

In order to learn the local mosses and liverworts, I have collected and am collecting bryophytes from around campus.  For example, one Saturday this past Fall we collected 10 bryophytes at the Millersville University Preserve.  Once I have identified them, I will document them here on my blog as well as upload the information to Nature Atlas, our home-grown species-mapping tool.

In my past work, I have focused on population dynamics of liverworts.  I think I want to move forward with a community-focused research project.  But even if I focus on the population dynamics of one or two species, this will help me figure out which species.

So far, I have observed Entodon sp., Hypnum sp., Leucobryum sp., and Orthotrichum sp.  And those are just the ones off the top of my head.

-Dr. Stieha