April 18th. 2013

Our little guys are continuing to grow. We also haven’t had any fish fatalities. Here’s what we are looking at today:

Upper tank temp: 73 degrees F. (the high from last night was 78)

Lower tank temp: 72.7 degrees F (the high from last night was  also 78)

Dissolved oxygen: 8.1 mg/L

The relative humidity in the room: 42.44% (the high from last night was 57%)

One thought on “April 18th. 2013”

  1. Although our hydroponic system is different from yours, we used the cup and rock wool as well as clay pellets in our system. An issue we have seen in the past month or so has been the lack of our roots having full access to water. I am interested in seeing the bottom of your cups to see the opening and ability for the roots to grow freely without any restriction.

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