All systems go!

Hey guys! As you know, earlier Korbin posted that the system is up and running.  I just updated the “Our System” tab with all of the information on our aquaponics garden.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.


Just a quick update,

We have added fish to our system and also planted the seeds. A full update with more information will be coming tonight after the TEECA@MU meeting.

Cycling has begun

Just an update on our system.

We started the cycling process on Wednesday. For those of you who don’t know what cycling is, it’s the process of converting ammonia into the useful nitrates that the plants need by means of bacteria. Hopefully after we all get back from spring break, we can start adding fish.

As of now, Our temp is 69.2 degrees F,  pH is 6.08, dissolved oxygen in the tank is 5.7 mg/L and the relative humidity in the room is 17.61%.


See you all after break!

Water is flowing!

Hello world!

This is the first post for Schneider-Shearer aquaponics. Just a quick update:

We have the final construction of our system together and water is currently flowing in it. All pipes seem to fit together and not leak! We will be starting the cycling process Wednesday and hopefully be planting within 2 weeks! Pictures and more details to follow!