Look at those plants grow!

Wow! Korbin and I were amazed when we walked in today. Lots of good things to share.

So our pH has actually GONE DOWN! It is now sitting at 7.4.  We did have a discrepancy with the temperature.  Over the weekend there was a difference of 9 degrees between the top and bottom tank.  We suspect it has something to do with the weekend cooling system in Osburn. We’ll keep you posted.

On a happier note, our root structure is continuing to grow.  Our lettuce leaves definitely grew larger since wednesday.

All around good news!


Look what we found!

Lot’s of things to say today!

First of all, I’m happy to say that we have finally developed a solid root structure!  It has been difficult since we can’t seem to keep the pH down.  Today the pH where the plants are was 8.8 and 9.1 in the fish tank.  It’s a good thing we chose goldfish because they are the most resilient fish of them all!

Also, time to go cross-curricular here, we have added some flare to our system! In ITEC 110, we just completed the bookmark project.  How do we incorporate bookmarks into our solution? Take a look for yourself!

Overall, we’re doing quite well at this point!


April 22

After a weekend away at TSA states, our plants of growing swimmingly. We still have continuous growth and no dead fishies. But pretty soon, Dr. Brusic’s plants are going to start invading and taking over our system. Here are the conditions for today:

Upper tank temp: 71 degrees F

Lower tank temp: 70.8 degrees F

pH: 8.5 (we have added some pH down as usual)

Relative humidity in the room: 24.58%

Dissolved oxygen: unfortunately, our DO probe has gone cadywompus. I’ll be looking at it later to try and fix it.


April 18th. 2013

Our little guys are continuing to grow. We also haven’t had any fish fatalities. Here’s what we are looking at today:

Upper tank temp: 73 degrees F. (the high from last night was 78)

Lower tank temp: 72.7 degrees F (the high from last night was  also 78)

Dissolved oxygen: 8.1 mg/L

The relative humidity in the room: 42.44% (the high from last night was 57%)

More plant growth!

Our plants are doing very well so far. You can also see the roots finally sticking out of the bottoms of the cups.

We added some more water today, because the levels have dropped a lot this week.


pH- 8.5

Temp for top: 72.1

Temp for bottom: 71.6

D/O: 8.5 mg/L

Relative Humidity of the room: 46.02%

Some More Growth!

I measured our plants today and found the highest being about 2 1/2 inches. Our plants are coming along. I’ve also noticed the water is starting to become more clear, which means the plants are pulling the waste out of the water just like they should. No fish have died so far this week.

Our pH is at about 8. Still a little high, but it’s slowly coming down. Plant bed temp is 71.3 and the fish tank temp is 71. Dissolved Oxygen is 7.3 mg/L and the relative humidity in the room is 54.01%…and I can tell!


Meanwhile, back at the ranch

So I know it’s been a few days since we visited the hydroponics farm on Wednesday, but our plants were still growing!  And best of all we have pictures! I have taken them throughout the process but have had trouble uploading them, but not I have them on my computer!

So the first picture is the fish funeral from our first 4 fish.  That was very depressing until we looked at our plants in the second picture! Then the third is a more updated picture of our little baby romaine lettuce.