Physical Condition

All reproduction requests must be approved by a member of the professional staff. Decisions will take into account the type and condition of the binding, the brittleness of the paper, the size and the general size and fragility of the item.



Archives and Special Collections adheres to the provisions of the 1976 Copyright Act and amendments, and follows the minimum standards of educational fair use established under Section 107. In applying these standards, Archives and Special Collections will copy up to 15% of a copyrighted work if the copy is to be used for the purpose of private study, scholarship or research. The department will not copy for the purpose of public performance. Physical condition permitting, the department will copy more than 10% of a copyrighted work only with the written permission of the copyright holder. Multiple copies are not permitted under fair use.

For authored works created since 1978, copyright lasts from the creation of the work until 70 years after the author’s death. The expiration term for corporate, anonymous, or pseudonymous works is 95 years from publication or 120 years from creation, whichever occurs first. For works published before 1978, with a copyright notice, the maximum duration of copyright protection is 75 years. Works published before 1978 without a copyright notice are assumed to be in the public domain. Since March 1, 1989, a copyright notice is no longer necessary.

Archives and Special Collections reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.


Publication of Special Collections Material

Permission to publish in any format requires permission from Millersville University. In circumstances where the department does not own copyright, it cannot grant permission to publish unless prior permission has been secured from the copyright owner.

Approval of the application to publish authorizes publication only in a single new work, in a single language, and in a single format. Such authorization is not exclusive and Millersville University does not thereby surrender its own right to publish or to grant others permission to do so.

Archives and Special Collections requests a copy of all publications for which permission to publish has been granted.

Credit shall be given as follows:

Courtesy of Archives & Special Collections, Millersville University Library, Millersville University.

A publication fee is assessed for all commercial use of reproductions. Archives and Special Collections retains sole right to judge what constitutes a scholarly or commercial publication.


How to Order Reproductions

Use the Archives and Special Collections request form, or contact us using the information below:


The processing fee for photocopying or scanning requests is $10.00/request. There is no charge for Millersville University students, faculty, or staff.