Reflection Time


Looking back at m R2P posts, I am very pleased with how I have grown. I decided to use the blogging method the whole time, for it is what I am most comfortable doing. However, I really did try all of the methods we have learned to make a blog post great. In the beginning, I barely had any pictures, no headings, bad spacing, no connection to my audience, and a flow that could have been better. Looking at my last post, I’m very proud of how my blogs turned out. I love that I am able to connect to my audience, use pictures, use links to other good websites to refer to, and much more.


Looking Ahead

Moving forward, I hope to use blogging more often. I liked being able to work out hard questions by research and writing out my thoughts. I think that if I would blog while teaching I would reach a lot of people, including those a part of my classroom. I hope to keep parents in the loop on what is going on in my classroom. This could include homework assignments, important dates, schoolwide activities, and more. This would be a great idea because it can be easily accessible, and parents, guardians, and students can reach out to me by commenting on the post itself, and they can communicate with others who comment on the posts.

Overall, I thought this was a really great experience and I hope to continue blogging!