Core Focus Areas & Goals

In summer 2019, the division of student affairs and enrollment management created the five core focus areas and goals below:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion– Our work will diligently promote the importance of cultural education and community involvement to ensure that all students feel their identities are respected within our community.

Divisional Goal: Create a culture of respect for all identities, abilities, orientations, and expressions of our students, faculty, and staff.

Engagement – The time and effort students devote to activities that are linked through data to the intended outcomes of Millersville and what we as a division will do to provide these activities and inspire students to participate in them.

Divisional Goal: Establish a sense of Millersville tradition and pride by creating opportunities to enhance, excite, and excel the student experience.

Recruitment and Enrollment – Promoting ways to ensure Millersville’s inquiries translate into meeting the enrollment goals that have been established and understanding the demographics of incoming classes, so initiatives are planned to enhance the likelihood of success.

Divisional Goal: Provide coordinated care of every prospective and incoming student through collaboration, communication, and data-driven decisions.

Student Success and Retention – Identifying key areas that promote efforts that are directly linked to students continuing their education through graduation at MU.

Divisional Goal: Utilize data, technology, and human capital to educate, empower, and foster meaningful connections with students.

Wellness & Well-Being – Self-awareness of and decision-making towards a growth fulfilling life for both students and employees. Efforts are focused on emotional wellbeing for students; modeling the way for employees.

Divisional Goal: Create a holistic environment and a proactive philosophy toward personal wellbeing, personal/professional development, spirituality, and lifelong wellness.