Reflecting on this Journey

The Beginning

When realizing I had to blog for my class, I was a little skeptical. I never really considered myself a great writer. I often repeat myself or write too much. Not too mention, thinking of interesting topics to blog about can be stressful. Though, it was credit for my class and I was obviously going to give it a shot.

To get myself prepared, I looked at a lot of teaching/lifestyle blogs to get an idea of how to talk to an audience on this platform. I think the best thing about blogging is that you can be yourself and share your humor, which made me excited to blog.

Say WHAT NOW - Skeptical Baby | Make a Meme

The only thing that scared me was the unknown. It is hard to start new things, especially something you are unfamiliar with. One thing that really helped with this, was the fact that my professor shared a lot of reflections that past students had made about this journey. A lot of students said that it helped them out of their comfort zone, while also leading them to find a new hobby they actually enjoyed. With all this positive feedback, I was more than willing to try my hardest.

The First Few Posts

After my first two posts, I found what ways I truly like to write on my blog. The first two posts were a great starting point to see what I liked and disliked about my blog. I can tell a huge difference in my writing style from my first post to my last post, which makes me feel like I’ve shown growth in blogging.

After my first few posts, I also got comfortable with designingly site. I wanted it to look nice. DUH. It was a learning process to figure out what formats I liked, color schemes, images to use, etc. I think decorating my blog is the best part of blogging. I am a really creative person, so that part was the most fun for me. It also taught me that every blog is different. Mine may not be the best, or most perfect, but it’s all me!

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it” – Salvador Dali

What I’ve Learned

I have learned a lot from this blogging experience. The biggest take away is that I love reading other peoples blogs but I still have a long way to go with being a great creator. Some people are made for this stuff and I just may not be one of them. Though, during quarantine, blogging was a fun experience and a great way for me to get out information to other people. It also was a great way to do research and not focus on the stresses of my own life. I feel that I was able to create concise messages that were beneficial for others and myself.

This learning experience has showed me that trying new things isn’t so bad. It can actually be fun. I also think blogging is a great platform to use when being a teacher. I am super excited to read more blogs and create an even better blog for my future students and their parents. I am excited for the journey ahead!

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