How did I Develop?

Development Graph

Throughout the semester we have been keeping a blog researching questions about what we have seen throughout the classrooms. Blogging is not new for me, however, the way we went about the process was. Through this media I was able to see a difference between my first blog post to my final research blog post. I also learned a lot through the process and can see how I could use this in my future.

In high school we were required to make a blog but just to get familiar with using this platform. This class has helped me improved with this greatly. There is a big difference between my first blog compared to my third blog. The first blog was very simple. I wrote about what I saw and hyperlinked a few articles that helped me with my research. By the third I added pictures, told personal stories, and connected my work better. The information and thoughts I had shared to my readers seemed to flow better. I became more visually appealing as I added better titles and pictures.

Through this blogging process I was able to improve on some of my skills and learn new things, one of them being able to find relevant articles quicker. In class we learned how to find relevant articles but on the first blog post it still took me a while to find a good one. On the third blog post I was able to use key words of the research questions to find the articles I need within a few minutes. I also learned many new things about students. I work in a child care center at home and I was placed in a child care classroom for my field placement. I saw many differences between the two and it sparked many questions that I had. Using this blog resource to organize my thoughts a research frequently and creatively all while learning about the students and blog.

To connect everything, we have done this semester in this course, I am going to explain how I see this as being relevant in my future classroom. Communicating positively with parents of students has been drilled into us since freshman year. After thinking about how to do this I concluded that keeping a classroom blog is a great way. To address the specific research, I did this can be relevant in my future classroom in many ways. In two of my blogs I researched student’s behavior based on their home life or family structure. This taught me to be understanding towards students because there could be something going on behind closed doors. In my final blog I learned about the importance of speaking to students in a positive manor and I plan to do this in my classroom.

Overall, I really appreciated the learning process of creating a blog and researching questions that I have been thinking about for a while. If I could give advice to next year’s students I would say “stress less plan more”.  The blog is a great way to share thoughts and, on that note, I will end this one. Talk to you on my future classroom blog!


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