A New System Begins

So, Monday I took our initial measurements of the plants, we are just short of 3″ for the tallest leaf. The pH was at 7.0 and the nutrients needed to be refreshed. I removed 3 gallons of water and replaced it with 3 gallons of water with the FloraNova liquid grow and also applied pH down to the mixure. Once the 3 gallons were introduced to the system, the pH read 6.4.

Also, our roots were begining to look a little water logged and brown, so we decided to open our water valve. This lowered the water level. As soon as the roots are long enough, we will fully implement the nutrient film technique by tipping the system 20 degrees.

3 thoughts on “A New System Begins”

  1. All of these things you have done are really smart! especially the tilt portion. But, I wonder if there is a certain degree that is optimal for nutrient supplement feeding. Check up on that and get those plants growing even faster :D!

  2. I really like your system!! I can’t wait to see how your final results turn out! I never even gave root problems a thought but you guys seemed to have done great research & you definitely seem to know how to fix your small problem!!

  3. I really like your system! I had no idea that it did so much until I was shown it the other day. Hopefully now that you have noticed the water down roots, lowering the water level can bring them back to life. Plants look good!

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