Reflecting on My Blogging Experience

As this comes to an end…

I reflect upon this new experience of blogging my thoughts, interactions, lessons, etc. and have found a new love for sharing my ideas with others. I was nervous about this project in the beginning; I do not use many “blogs” outside of social media platforms, so I was unsure of how this would go.

In class we learned about the Rhetorical Triangle and ways to engage our audience(s) in our posts:

This triangle became very beneficial to me as I was blogging. As someone who has never blogged like this, I would often leave sections out or forget to focus on different things within the triangle. Having this representation of what I need to include really helped me to make better blog posts.

Other blogging takeaways:

  1. Hyperlinking text
  2. Bullet lists to minimize “fluff”
  3. Using “we” dialogue to connect with the readers
  4. Embedding videos
  5. Adding pictures that are relevant, visible, and enhance the design/layout
  6. Add captions for pictures
  7. Play with font, colors, etc.
  8. Add extra resources to be viewed after your blog; also add in research or peer reviewed articles to help back up your information.

And the biggest takeaway is that practice makes perfect. You need to try and make mistakes to get better at everything you do. At first, blogging was difficult for me, I am still not perfect, but I have seen the progress I have made during this semester’s journey. This experience has allowed me to grow and find a new love for writing which I can use in the future.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new                – Albert Einstein

Thank you for reading and coming along on this journey with me! ☺