Is too much music possible in education????

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Should music be implemented in the classroom?

I am in a Pre-K counts and it seems that they have a heavy reliant on music in the classroom. Everything the children do there seems to be a song that correlates with it. In most cases, the songs are to the tune of a familiar lullaby or a very common song for young children to learn and remember. Is this too much music implemented into the child’s day? Is music the appropriate guideline for a child to remember simple tasks?

Music proof in the classroom!

In the article that is below this section, it talks about how music is an effective way for a child to learn. Music just does not help one student but it can help students with disabilities. The most important part was making the other students included and not excluded. Music allows the children to express themselves through movement in any way they can think of.  One of the songs that is played at the center I am at is about the alphabet and the sounds each of the letters makes. The teacher plays this song after they are done with breakfast and they are cleaning up.

Music as a Teaching Tool

Many of us know that music will get you up and moving. Using songs for movement is a great method to provide students with a brain break, especially in the younger grades. There are many resources already available to help create educational brain breaks that don’t disturb classroom management, such as GoNoodle.

Brain Breaks with Baby Shark

Image result for shark animatedDuring my placement, the teachers often find that their students have a lot of energy and some of it needs to be used. The teachers resort to Brain Breaks videos. In these videos, there is music that is being associated with something that they are either learning or if it is a certain time of the year they would put that on. The kids love the Brain Break videos because they are jumping around and getting the energy out but they do not understand that they are also learning to the sound of music and movement. In the video below, was an example of the Brain Break they did my first day in the room. The video has the children using their fine motor skills.

Baby Shark Dance | Sing and Dance! | Animal Songs | PINKFONG Songs for Children

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Music can help!!! It has been proven!!

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In this article, the blogger tells us that she has implemented music into her classroom and it has benefitted the children immensely. She said she uses it to motivate her students and then the information that she is teaching is retained better. There is a small video in the blog about how we as the future of the education department have to take this idea of music in the classroom and be sure to implement it as much as possible because it has such a great effect on the children.

My opinion

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I do think that music should be incorporated in the classroom because of the recall ability and the movement aspect. I do believe that there are points in the day where music can significantly help a child release their energy for the good. I also believe that too much music is possible. If the children are constantly listening to music instead of dramatic play and play-based centers that it will be embedded into the brains that everything they do in school will have music to go along with it.




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