Getting around the green way~

by Jenna Gardner

It’s time to start moving smarter. Moving smarter means changing the way we get around in order to create a more sustainable world. How do we do this? We change our mode of transportation. When people think of the word transportation, most people think of a car. Other modes of transportation include rail, air, transit, non-motorized vehicles, bicycling, and walking, but Lancaster Green Infrastructure highlights the importance of just two of those modes. Bicycling and walking are two of the most “green” ways to get around. Lancaster Green Infrastructure plans on creating a guide/plan to implement walking and bicycling into the county’s transportation system. Transportation planning can be used to promote green infrastructure goals through approaches such as encouraging the use of alternative modes of transportation that reduces impacts on natural resources (Green Infrastructure, 2011).

Clean our Creek, Clean our River, Clean our Bay.

By Christopher Gailey

Project Green Lancaster takes a look at the local green and sustainable issues in Lancaster County. What we have not talked much about is how Lancaster County affects its neighboring counties and state water supplies. Lancaster County is a part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. This watershed stretches from Southern Virginia through Central and Northern Pennsylvania and peaking in upstate New York. The emissions of water pollution from Lancaster County and all the other watershed regions affect the Bay.  What the Lancaster green infrastructure and their water recourse plan, aim at doing is keep it local. The theory of the plan is “all things run down hill.” With this theory in mind, if we clean up Lancaster’s water supply it will improve the Susquehanna River which flows into the Chesapeake Bay. So, Clean our creek, Clean our River, Clean our Chesapeake Bay.

Walking tour news~

Looking to check out one of our Lancaster City sustainable locations that will be included on our walking tour?  Take a look at one of the initiatives Carmen and David’s Creamery, located on Prince Street, has pursued in an effort to contribute to environmental leadership as they serve up their delicious ice cream treats!

Greenware cups are created from a resin produced from plants.  These cups are just as durable as those that aren’t so environmentally friendly, and they are sourced locally while manufactured domestically in the United States.  Their simple design allows for the product in the cup to be showcased, while demonstrating Greenware’s unique attention to design.

Stop by Carmen and David’s creamery to check out Greenware.  The creamery uses them for ice cream, water and to sell some of their customers’ favorite snacks!

Looking for a way to make your next event or sustainable business endeavor a bit more eco-friendly?

Check out for biodegradable utensils, containers, plates and bowls that are built from reeds of sugarcanes and PLA based utensils that offer another sustainable option rather than using petroleum based utensils.

Stay tuned for the sustainable walking tour of Lancaster City soon to be offered by Project Green Lancaster!