A great resource for Lancaster

By Don Houck

Phoenixlink Inc. is a sustainable company that provides professional home inspections and energy audits. They offer a great source of renewable energy solutions to the Lancaster community. Phoenixlink’s President, James L. Cramer along with their Project Management Professional, Brian O. Remmey, combine for more than 40 years of service to our country’s military. Janelle Downey, my contact, brings more than 30 years of customer service (insurance) to the company as well.

At their website, www.phoenixlink.org, you can see their future plans as well as a complete breakdown of their employers and the amazing stories behind each. They are staying up to date with features like, liking them on Facebook and/or following them on twitter.

Phoenixlink wants to make the world a more renewable energy using home and it intends to start with Lancaster, with the hope that other communities will do the same and share their passion for making the world a cleaner place.

This American ran and American driven company has a strong belief of buying American. They recommend only high quality American made products. They believe in employing Americans and rebuilding our economy, all the while making the world a greener, cleaner, smarter place to live.