Keep Lancaster County a fun and educational place to visit~

By Emily Manwiller

Green Infrastructure is defined as natural areas within a community that provide many ecological benefits for the surrounding area. Lancaster County believes that sustaining these elements of green infrastructure (land, air, water, and animal and plants species) is vital to the healthy living of Lancaster County residents. There are many different ways to contribute to sustaining green infrastructure within a community. One way is to provide visitor attractions and places of interest within Lancaster County that have minimal impact on land and natural resources. By doing this, we can preserve the historical and agricultural character that makes Lancaster unique. The Lancaster Green Infrastructure Initiative strives to preserve the many historical and popular tourist destinations of Lancaster County. However, it takes constant effort and support from outsiders as well as locals to maintain these cultural tourist attractions to keep Lancaster County a fun and educational place to visit.  The city must reach out to tourist’s needs while also continuously looking to improve the quality of life for local residents. The goal is for Lancaster County to remain a top tourist destination while sustaining the county’s natural resources but marketing these resources in a new and innovative way.