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Dr. Dushkina Featured in Online Article

”Simpler, safer” paint inspired by blue butterfly wings

“Simpler, safer” paint inspired by blue butterfly wings | Cottage Life

When it comes to eye-catching insects, it’s hard to beat the blue morpho butterfly. One of the largest butterflies in the world, this native of Central and South America sports bright blue iridescent wings. If you have colour envy, advancements in the field of nanotechnology may allow you to one day paint your nails, or even your whole house, the same iridescent blue as this butterfly.

Physics Department Seminar 11-11-20

Millersville University

Physics Department Seminar

Mr. David J. Allard, MS, CHP

 Director of the Bureau of Radiation Protection PA Dept. of Environmental Protection

“X-Rays at 125 Years: The Story of a Serendipitous Discovery Through Diligent Development”

Our guest speaker next Wednesday on November 11 is the Director of the Bureau of Radiation Protection PA Dept. of Environmental Protection,
Mr. David J. Allard, MS, CHP, and he will be presenting on the discovery and development of X rays next week.  This month is the 125th anniversary of their discovery by Roentgen.
It will be a little bit unusual seminar. We will start at 4 p.m. as usual to meet with the speaker for about 15-30 min during which he will introduce the main presentation and will answer any questions. After that we will have the opportunity to participate in a webinar hosted by the College of Physicians in Philly on the same day, November 11th, at 5:30pm…  There is no charge, but you do have to register.  The link to registration is in the attached announcement. After the talk, Mr. Allard will answer questions in a live discussion.
You are all cordially invited to both events!
The physics seminar will start at 4:00 p.m. If you join Zoom before 4 p.m., please unmute the microphone and feel free to chat with the others.
The link for the seminar is below.
Stay well and see you next week on Wednesday.

Wednesday November 11, 2020

4:00 pm via Zoom

FLYER: Physics Department Seminar 11-11-20

Physics Department Seminar- 10-21-20

“Photonic Engineering Approaches for Sensing in Dynamic Environments”

This talk will be in two parts, the first of which will discuss the technologies she has had a hand in developing throughout her graduate studies and early career. Integrated photonics are uniquely suited to the rapid, highly sensitive, and densely multiplexed detection of mechanical and optical changes in dynamic environments. Specific applications discussed in this talk will include the detection of cellular forces in in vitro environments, tracking the refractive index change of aging glass, MEMs-switched LiDAR, and fiber-optic gyroscopes, as well as the use of phase change materials in reconfigurable metamaterials and neuromorphic computing. The second part of this talk will discuss her path to a career in this field and the diverse range of careers available to those pursuing a graduate degree in engineering.


Dr. Sarah Geiger

Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Cambridge, MA


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

ZOOM Meeting ID 978 7685 4564: https://millersville.zoom.us/j/97876854564

Seminar Poster 10-21-2020 Sarah Geiger

Research Participants Wanted – Psychology



My name is Dr. Andrew Bland.  I teach psychology at Millersville University (in Lancaster Co., PA).


I am seeking up to 500 individuals (age 18+) to complete an online questionnaire about their thoughts and emotions concerning personal relationships.  It should take about 10-15 minutes.

Interested in Participating?

Please go to: https://millersville.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4ZQ25MdXD5b6odv

Know Others Who May Be Interested?

Please pass this message far and wide.

Your participation and responses will be kept confidential.

Have Questions?  Please contact Dr. Andrew Bland: andrew.bland@millersville.edu

This study has been approved by Millersville University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Research Participants Wanted – Respiratory Therapy

Hello, my name is Justine Filburn. I am a senior in the Respiratory Therapy program here at Millersville. For our last semester we are doing a research project. My research project is looking at the correlation between asthma exacerbations and smoking in college students. I have created a survey of 13 questions that I attached below. I would like to have it sent out to all science students at Millersville. If you could send this survey to all your classes and have them complete it by September 28th that would be appreciated. If you have any questions, feel free to email me! Thank you!

Student Poll Workers Needed

Good afternoon,
My name is Brynn Raub. I am a senior at Millersville. I am working alongside Campus Compact to recruit student poll workers. Due to COVID-19 the U.S. is experiencing a record shortage of people willing to work the polling locations. If this does not change, many polling places will be forced to shut down. This will make it more difficult for people to vote.
 If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I would also be willing to give a short presentation to your class via Zoom or meet with you individually to answer any questions.
Some general information is that requirements and pay differ from county to county. If anyone you know is interested in this opportunity they can sign up by going to www.PowerthePolls.org/Campus.

Power the Polls

America is facing a record shortage of poll workers this year due to the coronavirus. Our democracy depends on ordinary people who make sure elections run smoothly and everyone’s vote is counted. You can make sure we have a safe, fair, efficient election for all.

Research Participants Needed

My name is Brooke Shimer and I am a psychology major in the University Honors College as well as the Psychology Departmental Honors Program. I am working on a study that involves students journaling daily to explore its possible impact on mindfulness. The study will begin on September 7th, 2020.

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