What is Code Red?

Code Red was established through discussions from our very own Donuts & Development! The project was led by former member, Ruth Salinkas for the purpose of providing feminine products to our female students/women on campus for when an unexpected emergency arises.

The restroom locations are:  SMC, Library, Boyer, Jefferson, Stayer, and Dilworth

Donation drop-off locations and information (all products must be individually wrapped):

Boyer Building, second floor – Ruth Meflah Salinkas, ext. 5950

Bedford House – Margo Sassaman, ext. 7656

Duncan Alumni House – Amy Spellman, ext. 5804

As of May 2018 Code Red collected donations of:

Tampons:  1232 – disbursed:  508

Pads:  849 – disbursed:  437

Product disbursements to the various locations are done by students of the Millersville Concerned Women (MCW) – which is part of their community volunteer work. They have two (different) students assigned each week throughout the fall/spring semesters.