The Oculus: Volume 1, Issue 1.

The Oculus: Mission Statement

-Mission Statement-

The Oculus is a publication that highlights and displays the excellent scientific research students are doing on campus.


The Oculus is an annual printed publication that focuses on the scientific research done by students.  Current Millersville undergraduate students work hard to produce quality research.  Articles included in The Oculus aim to inform about the science behind the research in a style that is easily understood by someone who may or may not have an extensive background in science.  The audience for this publication is Millersville students, faculty, and the community that supports the university.  Science can have the most impact when it reaches wider audiences and can be understood by more people.

-Core Values-

  • The departments that will be highlighted are within Millersville’s College of Science and  Technology
  • Michella Salvitti is the editor overseeing articles, journal layout, and contributing some articles.
  • Dr. Justin Mando is the advisor for this project and will also oversee the journal and approve articles.
  • There is a staff of writers that will go and interview the student researchers.  They  complete a science writing article that is at least 700-1,000 words about the student’s research.
  • The journal will only focus on the scientific research done by undergraduate students at Millersville.  The information will be presented in a physical magazine-styled publication with articles along with graphics.
  • The Oculus is a physical publication published in time for Made in Millersville.
  • The journal is sent to publication by mid-March.