A Letter to Students

Dear Millersville Students,

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, takes a nontraditional approach to teach about the effects of slavery on youth and families. Homegoing is set in Africa, and later America, and explores the generational stories as two sisters were separated due to white settlements and enslavement in Africa, following the descendants through Africa and America.

As students of Millersville University, it is our duty to continue to learn and grow as scholars. One way to do that is to read literature that builds stories that include difficult topics. By reading this literature, students can expand their academics to more than just the classroom. Literature should be used to connect the bridge between students in the classroom and create a diverse environment.

Traditionally in school, students are taught about slavery through the perspective of settlers. However, Homegoing looks at the generational psychological and environmental effects of slavery on enslaved children and young adults. Thus, creating an important, exciting, and thought provoking read.

Students should read Homegoing because it challenges us to think in a creative way. Each student can learn about their own family dynamics and the dynamics of others through Homegoing.



Jessie Garrison

Jessie Garrison, Class of 2019, English Major-Writing Studies