Recent Jason Reynolds Interview

On January 23rd, Jason Reynolds appeared onĀ The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

As you can see in the video above, Reynolds connects with the need to write books that serve young readers from all communities. At the 2:39 mark he comments “I am of service to young people.” He writes authentic stories for young readers. His aim is to serve the young adult community by writing books that provide them stories to explore difficult but real topics, meaningful topics to them.

The One Book selection, All American Boys, which Reynolds co-authored with Brendan Kiely, deals with police brutality, racial profiling, and the difficult choices two young boys must make as members of their community. These are real issues experienced by and affecting our students today. As educators we love that Reynolds’ real stories support literacy development and a love of reading. In creating stories that people want to read, they read. In reading and finding conversation they want to engage with, they discuss, they write, they read more.

The One Book Committee is excited to welcome Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely to campus on March 27th (7pm in SMC MPR). We hope students, staff, faculty, and community members join us at this event to hear more from Reynolds and Kiely on how they wrote this book with “rage and love” to help readers work through the events that are shaping their lives.