Synergy Sessions – United Way of Lancaster County & Nonprofit Resource Network

Synergy Sessions – United Way of Lancaster County & Nonprofit Resource Network

October 23: Challenges of Service Delivery

It’s 2 am on Saturday morning, and your client is in distress. Do they have options other than calling 911 or the Emergency Department? What if your client is already in the ED and shouldn’t go home – or has no home?  Or, you’re seeing the same people at your food pantry every week, and you consistently invite them to learn more about other programs and services, but they never participate. Why not? Join us and share your struggles working in Lancaster County’s current social services ecosystem and your ideas that could help to strengthen our connections. Facilitated by UW staff


November 13: Leveraging Funds Effectively

Managing multiple funding streams can be challenging in any year; the pandemic has brought new and different government money to our county, long-established foundations are adjusting their requirements and foci, and donors are interested in targeting their gives in unprecedented ways. Whether it is health, operational, racial justice, or virtual events replacing physical ones, organizations must consider their own combination of restricted and unrestricted funds in new ways. How do we as organizations think about new opportunities, get our boards on board, and employ new strategies to stretch and leverage our collective pool of dollars? Join us for this facilitated discussion on funding strategies. Presented by Kevin Ressler


December 18: Moving Beyond Collaboration

If there were a silver lining to the tragedies of this year, it would be the increase in the desire of many nonprofit organizations to come together in a deeper, more strategic way to develop a common path forward. True collective impact initiatives share a common vision, shared measurements, and partners who are willing to examine their own perceptions as well as the role their organizations can best play in a plan to not only improve service delivery, but also to examine the beliefs and structures that consistently hinder people who are trying to climb out of poverty. Join us to discuss how the full adoption of the collective impact model can help more people in need by building a more powerful, efficient safety net across the county. Facilitated by Ross Polvara

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