Measuring Success Consortium

Who Is the Measuring Success Consortium?

The Measuring Success Consortium (MSC) provides a collaborative resource for measuring program impact through a voluntary partnership of community benefit organizations, funders, government agencies, academia and private sector measurement enthusiasts of South Central Pennsylvania. Within this collaborative context, organizations cultivate additional resources and strengthen the communities in which they work.

Why Should Your Organization Get Involved?

The MSC provides information and support (including one-on-on mentoring) any community benefit organizations (CBO) interested in improving their evaluation culture and related processes.

How is the NRN involved?

The Nonprofit Resource Network (NRN) is the fiscal and administrative arm of the MSC–a role the supports its own mission of enhancing the ability of CBOs to become more effective, efficient and financially stable. The NRN values networking and the MSC is a model of how that networking and collaboration can work.

As MSC Administrator, the NRN:

  • Accepts request for measurement assistance and takes them to the MSC.
  • Facilitates bi-monthly meetings, requesting reports and and coordinating round-table discussions among Steering Committee members.
  • Maintains contact lists of MSC members and committees

How can YOU Get Involved?

  • The process begins when you request support from the MSC through the NRN.
  • The NRN submits your request to the MSC for review.
  • The MSC assesses both the need and the capacity of your organization to engage in an evaluation project.
  • The MSC may request more information and/or a preliminary meeting with your organization.
  • With you as a partner, the MSC determines the next steps, which may include but not be limited to a task force made up of interested MSC members who work more closely with you to meet your evaluation needs. For example, MSC members may volunteer to provide measurement mentoring.

The Nonprofit Resource Network is building a repository of online resources needed routinely by employees working in the not-for-profit arena.

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