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Joylyn Conklin has joined has joined Suasion LLC, a marketing, communications and professional development agency as director of Operations. Her work history spans over an array of industries. She has experience in the hospitality industry as well as in marketing, finance and event coordination.

From the beginning, Suasion has been committed to bringing the highest level of marketing talent and strategic thinking to the nonprofit sector. The firm was established to provide the optimal communications services specifically for nonprofit organizations and social causes. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of these organizations to provide marketing support.

As a group, nonprofits include a wide spectrum of organizations in terms of size and area of focus.  However, they all have a few things in common.
  • They are mission oriented and exhibit great passion in working to achieve their vision.
  • Most are under-resourced with scarcity of financial or human resources – or both.
  • They tend to make decisions by committee or consensus.

We understand these nuances and are experienced in working within them to maximize your marketing and event planning efforts.

We share your passion.

Our clients have told us that we seem to have as much commitment to their mission as they do!  Working side-by-side to achieve your goals is important to you and to us.  We will only accept clients who have a mission we believe in.

We maximize your in-house resources.

Suasion will work with you to do as much or as little as you need. We can do the planning and then work with your staff to execute the plan if funds are limited. Or we can do all the functions of a full marketing or event planning department if you don’t have the staffing or expertise to provide this internally.

Often marketing firms will demand to execute all the work involved with a project because they are afraid to lose control of each detail. However, using a client’s resources can make the budget go farther and create camaraderie. While we are very proud of the work we do, we do not have personal egos attached to doing every task. We are happy to work alongside our clients, sharing the execution of a project. Even then, we still “own” the mission, giving it every bit of support as though we were solely responsible for the results.

We have a history of success in creating momentum with grassroots outreach programs.

Oftentimes, paid advertising is beyond the limited budgets of nonprofit organizations. However, less costly and well-executed grassroots strategies can be extremely successful. Suasion has effectively used outreach techniques to rally organizations across the state to support a variety of campaigns we have spearheaded. We develop resourceful strategies; expertly obtain and coordinate collaboration; develop compelling and easy-to-use communications tools; and, deliver professional training to teach organizations how to most effectively use the tools. We excel in creating and building these types of relationships.

We work effectively with committees and boards.

While some agencies find it frustrating, Suasion is well-versed in working with committees and boards and appreciates the synergy this brings to a project.  We have a knack for making everyone feel like they have input without losing sight of the primary goal. We are able to tactfully and effectively keep diverse opinions on track and your project on target. Because so many of our clients are steering committees, often made up of diverse people from multiple organizations, Suasion has developed effective systems for communicating, coordinating and leading in this unique environment.

We have a renowned internship program which gives you more bang for your buck.

One of the ways we maximize your budget is through our internship program. Our senior team provides professional level planning and communications to our clients while utilizing qualified college interns to help support the execution. Suasion has developed a reputation among area colleges for excellent internship experiences. As a result, Suasion is highly sought out by marketing and communications majors, allowing us to select the best and brightest interns.

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129 W. Harrisburg St.
Dillsburg, PA 17019


We pride ourselves on maintaining an extensive directory of nonprofit organizations. If you feel that our information is inaccurate, please let us know.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Agency Management and Board Governance
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