Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation

The Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation was created in October of 1986 when a group of forward-thinking farmers and business leaders recognized the need to identify agricultural issues before they became problems. The Foundation’s mission was and is the preservation and promotion of agriculture – the largest of the Commonwealth’s industries.

Specifically, the Foundation seeks to:

-Enlighten the public about farming and agriculture
-Create educational programs for children in middle and elementary -schools who may have no other exposure to agriculture
-Train teachers on agricultural concepts while helping them meet their own continuing education requirements
-Support ag and preservation of the farm
-Fund scholarships for postsecondary agricultural studies
-Promote career opportunities in agriculture

In fulfilling our mission, the Foundation connects with a diverse group of farmers, agribusinesses, non-agribusinesses, and consumers of the commodities provided by all Pennsylvania farmers. Through these relationships, we strive to attain our goals.

Contact Information

PO Box 8736
Camp Hill, PA 17001

717-761-2740 /

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Areas of Expertise

  • Environment
  • Information Resources
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