Penn Square Music Festival

Singing opera is a very demanding profession. Singers must always be at the top of their game: auditioning, constantly studying not only their instrument, but languages, repertoire, acting, dance; and always marketing themselves to future employers.

After graduating, many are good musicians, but at age 25 or so their bodies, and therefore their voices, are not ready for the Metropolitan Opera. It takes time for singers to mature vocally. So, what can these singers do that doesn’t involve a temp job or waiting tables?

Singers need to have a supportive atmosphere to grow professionally and vocally, to make connections, and to receive the encouragement needed to continue in this demanding career.

Penn Square Music Festival is a professional training opportunity for these young artists and a great lyric-theater experience for the region’s audiences.

Contact Information

Scott Drackley, Artistic Director

P.O. Box 11265
Lancaster, PA 17605


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