Palmyra – A Caring Community

PACC originated about sixty years ago as the Palmyra Council of Churches to meet the spiritual needs of the local community through outreach programs. As congregations grew and the community evolved, so did the community’s needs. Today, pastors and lay volunteers from PACC churches across the borough and two townships serve the Palmyra community. Services have grown to assist not only youth at risk, but all youth, families, seniors, the homeless, and anyone who may be hurting and in need of spiritual guidance. Our name was changed in 2014 from Palmyra Area Cooperating Churches to Palmyra – A Caring Community to open the membership to include secular and inter-faith organizations. This allows us to more fully address the needs of the community.

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131 N. Railroad St.
Palmyra, PA 17078


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Areas of Expertise

  • Religious
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