Lancaster County Christian School

The LCCS mission is inspired by this verse in Romans where Paul exhorts the Christians living in Rome to resist conformity to the world by being transformed through the renewing of their minds.

At LCCS, we seek to fulfill our mission by cultivating a proper reverence for God and teaching a biblically-based world and life view. This mission is expressed concretely through our four core values of faith, scholarship, virtue, and community. The result of the consistent application and reinforcement of these values in the lives of our students is extraordinarily powerful.

  • Our focus on discipleship through faith in Jesus produces students who love God.
  • Our focus on cultivating knowledge and wisdom through scholarship produces students who love learning.
  • Our focus on cultivating excellence of character through the practices of virtue produces students who love goodness.
  • Our focus on practicing servant leadership through community produces students who love others.

Our program of transformational learning through Christ is a fourteen year process from preschool through twelfth grade, and our prayerful vision is that the content and experiences of high quality Christian schooling will foster long term faithfulness in the lives and callings of our students.

Contact Information

Jen Mack, Advancement Coordinator

2390 New Holland Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601

(717) 556-0711

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Areas of Expertise

  • Education
  • Religious
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