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Mennonite Central Committee

Only candidates who apply on our website by May 5 will be considered. Apply now!

Synopsis: The Young Adult Program Coordinator engages youth and young adults in the East Coast region from an Anabaptist Christian-faith perspective in MCC programs such as IVEP (International Volunteer Exchange Program), SALT (Serving and Learning Together), Seed and Summer Service. In addition, the coordinator explores new ways to encourage younger people from the regional constituency and local communities in East Coast regional programming. There is particular emphasis on developing and establishing relationships within East Coast constituent churches, related organizations and communities of color. The young adult coordinator position leads the organization to work closely to two key organizational priorities: to engage with our new generation and with our constituents of color.

Minimum starting salary: $43,500

Full time equivalent: Full time

Location: Ephrata, PA


All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to: a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active participation in a Christian church or Christian community; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.

Legal eligibility to be employed in the U.S. is required.

  • Bachelor’s degree in youth ministry, psychology, intercultural studies, or social science preferred.
  • 1-3 years of related experience
  • Thorough knowledge of internet/email/MS office/databases
  • Commitment to invite youth and young adults into vital engagement with MCC at all levels
  • Passion for providing youth and young adults with experiences that will broaden their world view
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills especially in interactions with youth and young adults
  • Strong public speaking ability
  • Commitment to anti-oppression
  • Ability to develop and administer program components
  • Familiarity with MCC organizational structure and function
  • Sensitivity to and familiarity with urban and poverty issues
  • Commitment to the philosophy of short-term service/ learning programs
  • Good facilitation skills
  • Coordination/ organizational/ administrative skills
  • Bilingual English/Spanish fluency preferred

Invitations to serve with MCC are contingent on the successful outcome of criminal background check(s).


Contact/Relationships: Initiates frequent and extensive contact with staff, applicants, volunteers, constituents, and partners. Regular visits and communication with program participants, potential participants, and alumni. Builds relationships with constituency of color in urban settings. Acts as a liaison between East Coast staff and Global Service Learning department of MCC U.S.

Supervision: Provides support and supervision for EC IVEP participants, hosts and employers (average 15-17 placements, 50+ partnerships/year). Oversees and provides support for EC Summer Service Workers and their placements (average 10-15 participants/year). Provides support and supervision for occasional young adult internships

Complexity/Competencies: Regional point person for MCC U.S. programs of SALT, IVEP, Seed and Summer Service. Interprets standard programs and methods in the regional context. Involves developing and implementing programs activities, preparing annual budgets and plans and scheduling events for are major responsibilities. Some duties will require creativity and resourcefulness. Sound judgment and reasonable discretion are needed in dealing with young adult program issues.

Independent Action: Self-starter, self-motivated and a leader who can work independently, but also as a team player with the ability to motivate young adults. This person must also demonstrate strong coordination, organization and administrative skills. Uses discretion and judgment in setting and modifying departmental plans. This person is supervised by the EC Program Director. They work in collaboration with the GSL department and young adult program networks.

End Result: The Young Adult Program Coordinator provides an Anabaptist Christian faith-based source of inspiration and information for youth and young adults seeking a wide range of opportunities to engage with MCC at various levels. This person acts as a clearinghouse for all youth and young adult questions and information in MCC East Coast and will help facilitate the voice of young people to the broader MCC System. This role creates and oversees placements for all EC IVEP and Summer Service participants, managing relationships with the partners, host families and participants.

Major Responsibilities
60% Program Development and Management
25% Relationship-Building and Networking
15% Recruiting


General Youth and Young Adult Work
1. Manage the development of strategic program plans, budget, common vision and accountability for EC’s young adult programming.
2. This position includes approximately 15% travel including occasional evening and weekend activities.
3. Regular visits and communication with youth and young adult groups and individuals, to promote active, Christian faith-based engagement in peace, justice and service issues including opportunities for leadership.
4. Work closely with current youth and young adult programs, in promotion and recruitment, including consistent check-ins and worker care support.
5. Explore and expand development opportunities for youth and young adults.
6. Relate to MCC youth and young adult alumni, encouraging them to explore additional service and to connect to constituent churches.
7. Speak in churches, schools and young adult events to promote and recruit for the work of MCC.
8. Partner with East Coast constituent schools and universities in developing stronger relational ties to MCC.
9. Match SALTers with prayer partners during their one year term.
10. Provide check-ins and worker care support for EC SALTers during their term.
11. Connect with regional SALTers in a meaningful way both at orientation and re-entry.
12. Attend recruitment events at colleges, conferences and other gatherings. Network with church leaders, alumni, constituents, college/university leaders and other organizations to identify and encourage potential MCC candidates.

International Volunteer Exchange Program
1. Provide oversight and support for IVEPers, partners and host families located in the East Coast region.
2. Identify IVEP placements by working in collaboration with EC staff and partners to develop meaningful opportunities.
3. Monitor IVEP work placements/host family settings by site visits and reporting.
4. Work at designing a system of matching IVEPers with young adult mentors/prayer partners during their one year stay.
5. Encourage IVEPers to engage in opportunities such as conferences, lectures, weekend retreats connected with constituent churches.
6. Offer events in which IVEPers and host families can participate (constituent functions).
7. Encourage/empower IVEPers to share their stories and experiences in local churches/schools/chapel settings, etc.

Summer Service Program
1. Responsible for administration and oversight of East Coast Summer Service Program. This includes orientation, worker visits, coordinating church grant funding, receiving reports and coordination of end of summer reunion/gatherings.
2. Coordinate the recruitment and placement process for the East Coast Summer Service Program.
3. Work in collaboration with East Coast Program Coordinators in promotion/program maintenance in their geographic regions, identifying Summer Service placements and providing ongoing support to program participants and alumni.
4. Connect with Summer Service Reference group for support and guidance.
5. Facilitate/Maintain relationships with constituency of color in urban settings.
6. Monitor Summer Service worker placements.
7. Work in collaboration with the Summer Service Network to support and promote the Summer Service program.
8. Work at creating/facilitating longer term service opportunities for program participants and program alumni by encouraging them to consider further MCC and church service.

Other duties as assigned.

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